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Before The Year 2000!
Copyright Ernest Lilley. 
ourney back with us to those thrilling days of the 20th Century and relive the excitement of a time before time machines, faster than light starships, immortality, and the eradication of all mans' ills. Back to a simpler time, before we met the aliens and colonized the stars...

Aug-Sep 1999 Vol 3.08

First Contact Letter from the Editor / Contact! Adventures in Fandom:Nasfic 99 Focus: L.E. Modesitt, Jr. SFRevu Interview: L.E. Modesitt,Jr. / Gravity Dreams / The Forever Hero  SF Bookshelf New Releases: Cryptonomicon / The Decent / Singer from the Sea  O' Pioneer /  Star Wars X-Wing Series #8: Isard's Revenge Now in Paperback! Media SF Movies: Free Enterprise / Video: Sawicki's Picks / Art in SF: Artist: Jill Bauman / SF Art: The Chesleys

July 1999 Vol 3.07

First Contact Letter from the Editor / Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Readercon / Chiller Focus: Sean McMullen SFRevu Interview: Sean McMullen / Souls in the Great Machine / The Centurion's Empire SF Bookshelf New Releases: UFOs, JFK and Elvis / The Cassini Division / Mad Ship (Liveship Traders, Bk. 2.) / Luna Marine : Book Two of the Heritage Trilogy / End of Days /  Star Trek: Vulcan's Heart / A Good Old Fashioned Future Now in Paperback! Media SF Movies: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me / Video: Sawicki's Picks Art in SF SF Artist: Nick Stathopoulos

June 1999 Vol 3.06

First Contact Letter from the Editor / Newsbits / Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Star Wars Tickets / NY Comic and Fantasy Con / Womack&Cadigan @ the KnittingFactory Interview & Review SFRevu Interview: Rocket Boy - Homer Hickam /   Back to the Moon SF Bookshelf New Releases: Nimisha's Ship / Enchantment / Earthweb / Get a Life / The Iron Giant: A Story in Five Nights ZineScene: Cemetery Dance   Media SF Movies: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace / The Thirteenth Floor   Video: Sawicki's Picks Art in SF Donato Giancola

May 1999 Vol 3.05

First Contact:: Letter from the Editor / Newbits / Adventures in Fandom: I-CON '99 Interview & Review: A Conversation with Terry Brooks / Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace / Running With The Demon / A Knight of the Word SF Bookshelf: New Releases:  Silver Birch, Blood Moon / Far Horizons / Rockets Redheads and Revolution / Stars Asunder / Colonization: Second Contact Now in Paperback: Star Trek:Ship of the Line / Ship of Magic ZineScene: Analog June '99  Art in SF Bob Eggleton Interview  Media SF Movies: The Mummy  Video: Sawicki's Picks

Mar-Apr 1999 Vol 3.03/4

First Contact / Letter from the Editor / Contact! / Adventures in Fandom- Lunacon / Interview & Review Vernor Vinge / A Deepness in the Sky / True Names / Backlist SF Bookshelf / New Releases: Rainbow Mars / The Last Continent / White Silence / Finity / Eyes of Silver ZineScene: Rosebud #15 / Now in Paperback / Media SF / Movies:The Matrix / Wing Commander Video: Sawicki's Picks / Columns / Weird Science by Linda Zimmermann

Feb. 1999 Vol. 3.02

First Contact / Letter from the Editor / Contact! Adventures in Fandom- Boskone / Interview & Review / James Hogan/ Outward Bound / Inherit the Stars / Backlist / SF Bookshelf / New Releases : Not Exactly The Three Musketeers / Termination Node / Dream A Little Dream / Sky Coyote /   How to Save the World / The Warrior King / The Invisible Country/ ST:My Brother's Keeper Book 1 :Republic / Isaac Asimov's Valentines / Now in Paperback Contraband / Media SF / Movies:October Sky / Video: Sawicki's Picks / SFZines Aboriginal Science Fiction / New Column! True Tales of Science by Linda Zimmermann (author of Bad Astronomy)

Jan. 1999 Vol.3.01

First Contact Letter from the Editor: Year In Revu /  A Few Words About The Hugo  / Contact! Adventures in Fandom - Arisia Focus On 1998 - The Year in Review: SF Novels in 1998 / B5: The Last Best Year… / Israeli SF Scene SF Bookshelf New Titles: Mission Child / Radiant Seas /  Moonlight and Vines / Stardust / Apocalypse Troll  / The Last Dragonlord / Beyond the Pale / Two Tiny Claws Non-Fiction: Rocket Boys Now in Paperback Media SF Movies: Virus / Video: Sawicki's Picks SFZines Asimov's Science Fiction (Dec 98)

Dec. 1998 Vol.2.12

First Contact Letter from the Editor - Holiday NewsBits - Contact (Adventures in Fandom) / Interview & Review Star Trek Insurrection - Interviews with Frakes, Stewart, and Spiner - Movie Review - Book Tie Ins / SF Bookshelf New Titles: Starfarers  by Poul Anderson - Distraction by Bruce Sterling - Rules of Engagement by Elizabeth Moon - The Gilded Chain by Dave Duncan  - Golden Globe by John Varley - Darwinia by Charles Richard Wilson / Media SF Video: Sawicki's Picks

Nov. 1998 Vol.2.11

Letter from the Editor - NewsBits - Contact:SFWA NYC Reception - SF Calendar Interview & Review James White / Mind Changer / RetroReview:Star Surgeon SF Bookshelf New Releases Now in Paperback Media SF Movies:John Carpenter's Vampires - Enemy of the State Video: Sawicki's Picks Audio: Greatest SF Hits IV Credits & Coming Attractions

Oct. 1998 Vol.2.10

A Word from the Editor / NewsBits: News from friends and SF luminaries ./ Contact: SFRevu's forays into the world of SF Fandom Calender of Events: Cons, Discussion Groups and Appearances / Focus On: Author David Weber Honor Harrington Retrospective New Release - Echoes of Honor Now in Paperback - In Enemy Hands RetroReview - On Basilisk Station / New Titles:(Fiction) Inherit the Earth by Brian Stapleford Heartlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley Moonseed by Stephen Baxter The Ghost of the Revelator by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. The Children Star by Joan Slonczewski ST TNG:Triangle: Imzadi ll by Peter David In Legend Born by Laura Resnick Kings of the High Frontier by Victor Koman (Prose) Beyond the Wall of Sleep by Andrew Heidel / Paperback/Trade: (New) B5: Dark Genesis by J. Gregory Keyes Aftermath by Charles Sheffield (Now in Paperback) Forever Peace by Joe Halderman Driving Blind by Ray Bradbury Earthling by Tony Daniel The Gift by Patrick O'Leary Departures: Stories of Alternate History by Harry Turtledove / RetroReview: On Basilisk Station by David Weber /  SFRevu Goes to the Movies: Antz Pleasantville Practical Magic What Dreams May Come / Video Review: PHANTOMS I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER LOST IN SPACE / Media View: Tony Tellado / Audio SF:The Invisible Man

Sept. 1998 Vol.2.9

A Word from the Editor: / NewsBits: News from friends and SF luminaries. World Fantasy Awards: Award Nominees and American Goliath review / Contact: SFRevu's forays into the world of SF Fandom. Media Connection Calender of Events: Cons, Discussion Groups and Appearances / Interview&Review: Author: Wil McCarthy Books: Bloom (New) The Fall of Sirius / New Titles: The Centurion's Empire by Sean McCullen A Knight of the Word by Terry Brooks Six Moon Dance by Sheri S. Tepper The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells Stinger by Nancy Kress Beaker's Dozen by Nancy Kress Quest for the Fallen Star by Piers Anthony, James Richey & Alan Riggs / Now in Paperback: Widowmaker Unleashed by Mike Resnick B5: Thirdspace by Peter David Jack Faust by Michael Swanwick Greenmantle by Charles DeLint Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks / RetroReview: Riverworld Rambling with Bob Savoye / SFRevu Goes to the Movies: Blade  / Video Review: Sphere / Fallen / Snow White: A Tale Of Terror / SFMusic: S.P.O.C.K Assignment Earth

August 1998 Vol. 2.8

A Word from the Editor: Back from Worldcon, with tales to tell... / NewsBits: News from friends and SF luminaries. / Contact: SFRevu's forays into the world of SF Fandom. WorldCon 1998 BucConeer . Cons, Discussion Groups and Appearances:    / Interview&Review David Brin / Heaven's Reach J. Gregory Keyes / Newton's Cannon / New Titles: Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson Deepdrive by Alexander Jablokov Bhagavarti by Kara Dalkey Star Trek Voyager: Pathways by Jeri Taylor Shapes of Their Hearts by Melissa Scott Lord of Sunset by Parke Godwin Accidental Creatures by Anne Harris / Now in Paperback! : The Searchers:Book 1 City of Iron by Chet Williamson Child Of The River : The First Book of Confluence by Paul J. McAuley Roads Not Taken: Tales of Alternate History edited by Gardner Dozios & Stanley Schmidt   / RetroReview: Startide Rising / SFRevu Goes to the Movies: The Avengers / Video Review: The Prophecy II The Postman Devil’s Advocate (The)

July 1998 Vol. 2.7

A Word from the Editor: Hot books in the summertime and our RAH response. / NewsBits: News from friends and SF luminaries. / Contact: SFRevu's forays into the world of SF Fandom. WorldCon 1998 BucConeer Preview Cons, Discussion Groups and Appearances / New Titles: Kirinyaga by Mike Resnick Factoring Humanity by Robert Sawyer The American Front by Harry Turtledove Icefire by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens Pandora by Anne Rice The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt StarWars: The Mandalorian Armor by K.W. Jeta Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Dean Wesley Smith, Editor  / Interviews: HarryTurtledove - The Man Who Rewrote History / RetroReview: The Trouble Twisters by Poul Anderson Robby the Robot (collectable) / SFRevu Goes to the Movies: The X-Files Movie: Fight The Future Armageddon The Truman Show / Video Review: An American Werewolf In Paris / Kull The Conqueror / Now in Paperback! : The Blackgod by J. Gregory Keyes How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove Shadow Dawn by Chris Claremont The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons

June 1998 Vol. 2.6

NewsBits: News from friends and SF luminaries. / New Titles: : Secret Realms by Tom Cool Komarr by Lois Bujold Earth Made of Glass by John Barnes Moonfall by Jack McDermitt In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker The War God's Own by David Weber Star Wars: I, Jedi by Michael Stackpole Starswarm by Jerry Pournelle / Interview: : Lois McMaster Bujold / RetroReview: SFRevu's Robert Heinlein Tribute Everything I Need to know I learned from Robert Heinlein A Few Words From The Dean Requiem and Tributes to the Grand Master by Robert Heinlein, Yoji Kondo / SFRevu Goes to the Movies: Godzilla Deep Impact  / Sawicki's Video Review: Destroy All Monsters Volcano Alien Resurrection / Now in Paperback! The Heritage Trilogy: Book 1 - Semper Mars by Ian Douglas Fire Watch by Connie Willis Fiddler Fair by Mercedes Lackey Star Child by James P. Hogan Forever Knight-These Our Revels by Anne Hathaway-Nayne Bug Park by James P. Hogan / Contact: SFRevu's forays into the world of SF Fandom.

May 1998 Vol. 2.5

New Titles: Signal To Noise By Eric S. Nylund Children Of God By Mary Doria Russell Burnt Offerings By Laurell K. Hamilton Iron Shadows By Stephen Barnes Ports Of Call By Jack Vance The Face Of Apollo: Volume 1 Book Of The Gods By Fred Saberhagen / Interview: Eric Nylund - Hyperpunk / Retroreview: William Tenn: The Human Angle / Sfrevu: Goes To The Movies Sawicki's Video Review (By Steve Sawicki): Event Horizon / Mimic /Mortal Kombat: Annihilation / Now In Paperback! Dazzle Of Day By Molly Gloss Dry Water By Eric S. Nylund Corrupting Dr. Nice By John Kessel Halfway Human By Carolyn Ives Gilman Lucifer's Hammer By Larry Niven And Jerry Pournelle Einstein's Bridge By John Cramer Once A Hero By Elizabeth Moon Wyrm By Mark Fabi / Contact: Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. '97 Hugo Nominations Cons And Events For May-June 98

April 1998 Vol. 2.4

Newsbits: News From Friends And Sf Luminaries. New Titles: Rogue Star By Michael Flynn Helm By Steven Gould Dragon's Winter By Elizabeth A. Lynn Someplace To Be Flying By Charles Delint The Tooth Fairy By Graham Joyce Empire Of The Ants By Bernard Werber Between The Rivers By Harry Turtledove Steeldriver By Don Debrandt Interview: Michael Flynn Retroreview: Slan By A. E. Van Vogt Sfrevu: Goes To The Movies Lost In Space Dark City Now In Paperback! The Forest Of Time And Other Stories By Michael Flynn Book One Of The Lost Millennium: First Dawn By Mike Moscoe Star Wars: Rebel Dawn By A.C. Crispin User Friendly By Spider Robinson 3001: The Final Odyssey By Arthur C. Clarke Contact: Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom.

March 1998 Vol. 2.3

News: Weird Tales To Become Part Of Warren Lapine's Sf Empire. New Titles: The First Immortal By James Halperin Dinosaur Summer By Greg Bear Moonwar By Ben Bova Dust By Charles Pelligrino Wing Commander: Action Stations By William R. Forstchen The Last Hawk By Catherine Asaro Alien Dreams By Larry Seigriff Area 51: The Response By Robert Doherty (Robert Mayer) Interview: James Halperin: Truth, Justice And The American Future. Retroreview: Snow Crash By Neal Stephenson Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Sphere Movie Juice Now In Paperback! Moonrise By Ben Bova The Truth Machine By James Halperin Sole Survivor By Dean Koontz Contact: Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. This Month On To Lunacon!

February 1998 Vol. 2.2

New Titles: Phoenix Cafe By Gwyneth Jones Phases: The Revised And Expanded Lunar Activity By Elizabeth Moon Circuit Of Heaven By Dennis Danvers Spider Legs By Piers Anthony And Clifford A. Pickover Cosm By Gregory Benford Gammalaw: Smoke On The Water By Brian Daley Interview: Brenda Clough - How Like A God Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Phantom (Based On A Dean Koontz Novel) Now In Paperback! How Like A God By Brenda W. Clough The Ship Errant By Jody Lynn Nye Retroreview: The Deep Range By Arthur C. Clarke Contact: Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. Boskone Preview Inside!

January 1998 Vol. 2.1

New Releases: Maximum Light By Nancy Kress Titan By Stephen Baxter Starship Titanic By Terry Jones Interviews: Nancy Kress: Hard Sf Meets Soft Science Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: The Postman James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies Now In Paperback! North Wind By Gwyneth Jones Tomorrow And Tomorrow By Charles Sheffield Mother Of Demons By Eric Flint Sci-Fi Tv: Babylon 5 On Tnt Retroreview: E. E. "Doc" Smith: Return Of The Lensman Contact: Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom.

December 1997 Vol. 1.6

New Releases: Earthling By Tony Daniel In The Land Of Winter By Richard Grant To Say Nothing Of The Dog By Connie Willis Secret Passages By Paul Preuss The Red Wyvern By Katharine Kerr Interviews: Robert Sawyer: Illegal Alien Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Alien Resurrection Now In Paperback! The Rising: Vol. 1 Of The Flight Engineer By S.M. Stirling And James Doohan The Other End Of Time By Frederik Pohl Contact Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. Next Month In Sfrevu: Government Employees Save The World All Month In January - See What's Coming Next.

November 1997 Vol. 1.5

New Releases: Nanotime By Bart Kosko The X-Files: Antibodies By Kevin J. Anderson The Gift By Patrick O'leary Screamplays Edited By Richard Chizmar Mind Snare By Gayle Greeno Interviews: Author: Joe Haldeman- Book: Forever Peace Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Starship Troopers From Book To Box Office...Is Rah Turning In His Grave? Now In Paperback! The Postman By David Brin The Two Faces Of Tomorrow By James P. Hogan Area 51 By Robert Doherty

October 1997 Vol. 1.4

This Issue Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Author Paul Edwin Zimmer (1943-1997) Who Died Of A Heart Attack While Attending Albacon '97. He Was A Thoughtful And Gracious Man, And I'm Sorry I Won't Have The Chance To Know Him Better, Except Through His Works.-El

New Releases: Running With The Demon By Terry Brooks The Reality Dysfunction : Part I: Emergence/Part Ii: Expansion By Peter Hamilton How Few Remain By Harry Turtledove (Reviewer: Linda Zimmerman) I Am Legend By Richard Matheson Driving Blind By Ray Bradbury Interviews: Author: Mary Doria Russell - Book: The Sparrow Author: Bruce Sterling - Book: Holy Fire Retroreview: The Demon Prince By Jack Vance (Review By Steven Sawicki) Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Gattaca Now In Paperback! Memory By Lois Mcmaster Bujold Contact Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. Next Month In Sfrevu: War (And Peace) Break Out In The November Issue Of Sfrevu... When We Bring You Review And Interview Of Forever Peace And Author Joe Haldeman And A Look At Starship Troopers As The Book And Movie Slug It Out.

September '97 Vol. 1.3

New Releases: A King Of Infinite Space By Allen Steele Someone To Watch Over Me By Tricia Sullivan First To Fight: Starfist Book One By David Sherman And Dann Cragg Present Tense By Dave Duncan (Review By Steven Sawicki) Finity's End By C. J. Cherryh (Review By E.J. Mcclure) Nonfiction: Star Wars: The Annotated Scripts By Laurent Bouzerau (Review By Tony Tellado) Interviews: Author: Michael Swanwick - Book: Jack Faust Author: Catherine Asaro - Book: Catch The Lightning Retroreview: Tom Swift Jr. Appreciation (By Tom Ippolitto Author Of The Ultimate Tom Swift Collector's Guide) Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Contact (Review By Tony Tellado) Now In Paperback! Idoru By William Gibson Contact Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. Next Month In Sfrevu: October Festive At Sfrevu, And Maybe Even A Ghoul Or Two.

August '97 Vol. 1.2

New Releases: Slant By Greg Bear How Like A God By Brenda W. Clough In Enemy Hands By David Weber (Reviewed By Bob Devney) Interviews: Author: Allen Steele - The Tranquility Alternative Author: James Alan Gardner - Expendable Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Event Horizon Now In Paperback! Mainline By Deborah Christian Footprints Of Thunder By James F. David Contact Sfrevu's Forays Into The World Of Sf Fandom. Next Month In Sfrevu Summer's Over, But The Leaves Haven't Started Falling...I Know! Why Don't We Drink Dandelion Wine And Read Jack Faust By Michael Swanwick?

July'97 Vol. 1.1

New Releases: Star Trek: Avenger By Judith And Garfield Reeves-Stevens With William Shatner, Fatal Terrain By Dale Brown The Year's Best Sf: 14th Annual Edition Edited By Gardner Dozois Foundation's Fear By Gregory Benford Interview: Author Interview: Star Trek: Avenger (Courtesy Of Sci-Fi Talk) Sfrevu Goes To The Movies: Men In Black (With Special Men In Black Bean Chili Recipe Retroreview: Guns Of The South By Harry Turtledove (Review By Linda Zimmermann) Now In Paperback! Redliners By David Drake Star Trek: The Galactic Whirlpool By David Gerrold Bellwether By Connie Willis Contact Readercon '97 Report Next Month In Sfrevu: There's A Great Issue On The Event Horizon...

June '97 Vol. 0.0

New Releases: Wyrm - Mark Fabi Einstein's Bridge - John Cramer The Blackgod - Gregory Keyes Destiny's Road Larry Niven Lifehouse - Spider Robinson Bolo Brigade - W. H. Keith, Jr.