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rocket.gif (13182 bytes) Letter from the Editor  - New site, new format, new commitment, same mission.

I like Science Fiction. I like it in all its myriad forms, from books to movies to games. The goal for SFRevu is to present SF as one inclusive universe - full of diverse and exciting stars...but all tied together by a desire to explore the excitement of the future.

Welcome to the first issue of SFRevu at our very own URL - This issue has so much new about it that it feels like a first issue…and it is, in a sense.

The format is new - it's got more links and sidebars, lists of books that tie in to movies and it's broken up into sections to speed load times. It's given the zine a fresh look that I really like - I'm looking forward to your comments on it.

A few months ago at Boskone I met Elizabeth Stone, a friend of Fantasy author Katya Reimann and a technical writer. Elizabeth has since paid the price of making suggestions, as she has signed on as Production Editor wielding her grammar hammer and taking a valiant stand for quality.

Plunking down the fee for URL registration represents my commitment to make something of SFRevu. I started the zine about three years ago as a place to post a few of my reviews while I looked for the next zine to write for, the Sci-Fi Talk radio program I was with having gone off the air. SFRevu now has a regular staff of reviewers and columnists and I've gotten addicted to seeing our name on the back of book covers and going to movie screenings. It's time to get serious.

The SF Site ( has been very supportive, offering us webspace and sharing their collected wisdom in the business of putting out a webzine. We look forward to continuing this association as both sites develop. Special thanks are due SF Site editor John O'Neill for his encouragement.

This issue's focus section features Hugo winner Vernor Vinge. We have a fascinating interview to go with two reviews, one of his newest book A Deepness In The Sky, and the other a Retro-Review of an earlier collection - True Names And Other Dangers.

Larry Niven has come out with Rainbow Mars, reprising the adventures of his hapless time traveler, Svetz, and adding to the canon of Martian Literature. Terry Pratchett amuses us with more tales from his Discworld saga, this time from The Last Continent, which looks more than a bit like the land down under. Paul Giguere gives us a review of the multiple realities in John Barnes' new parallel universe adventure - Finity, and EJ indulges herself in Highlander: White Silence. The zine of the month is Rosebud, a fine little literary mag that devoted its winter issue to Science Fiction. I really liked it, and hope everyone takes a look at it.

There is a flurry of movie activity as the world braces itself for the Star Wars impact next month and we take a look at The Matrix, which I think is simply fantastic, and Wing Commander, which I found to be surprisingly strong. Read the reviews to see if you want to argue either point with me. Steven Sawicki's Video Column is a bit grumpy this month, but he promises that he really did try to find something to like. Some months are like that. Incidentally, Steve's column has been getting some good reviews and I agree, "B" movies deserve Sawicki.

Linda Zimmermann's Weird Science Column takes a look at the shocks that flesh is heir to with an amusing piece on high voltage snake oil. Next month we're expecting to add more columns, including a report on the SF Art field. I'd like find someone to focus on collectible SF as well, so if you fancy yourself an expert or know one…drop me a line.

Ernest Lilley - Publisher/Editor SFRevu

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Lunacon '99

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"Little Loony" logo  1999 by the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians, Inc.

Vernor Vinge
Writer Guest of Honor

Bob Eggelton

Artist Guest of Honor
Anthony R. Lewis
Fan Guest of


March 5th - 7th, 1999 The Rye Town Hilton, Rye Brook, New York.

Visit the Lunacon '99 Web Page.


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Lunacon Program cover 1999 Bob Eggleton

Lunacon Photos 1999 Ernest Lilley

Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Lunacon '99

We came, we saw, we Conquered. Ok, maybe we just partied. Lunacon '99 gave us another excuse to throw a bash and meet a lot of great SF pros and fans. If you were at Lunacon last month, I hope you came to our URL was just down the hall from that other one. Scheduling a party opposite TOR is a bit like being up against ER on Thursday night, but we had a great crowd regardless as you can tell from these pics.Our thanks go to The New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians, for their help.

(Click on the images below for higher res versions. Feel free to reuse images as long as credit is given and our link included

SFRevu Party Wagon
Shane Tourtellotte
Dan Kimmel,
Movie Critic at large
Hal Clement
Jim Frenkel and
Chris Dao (TOR)
Bob Eggleton,
Tom Doherty,
Vernor Vinge

A book you can sink your teeth into? TOR's innovative edible books.
Future Masters of Fandom Rich and Ruth Tyler

Dr. Michio Kaku picked up an Asimov Award and caught the next superstring back to town.
Randy Asplund with some awesome art.

Beauty beholds beauty. Laura Nastasia and her sister's (Michaela) artwork.

p0003265.jpgSawicki imagines how popular he's going to be as a Nebula judge.

Feeelthy Hucksters!

The GOH by
Claudia Carlson

The Escher Hilton's famed spatial fold.


Sweets abound at the Con Suite
Esther Friesner,
Queen of Rodentia
I liked the shirt.
Charles & Jane
Amber  Pellegrino
Got Milk? Got Lemons? Never do this. Never.
Eyal Mozes knows  SF
SFRevu Party


Wendy aka
"the chick in
the shiny pants"
SFRevu Party...
fun for the whole  family.
SFRevu Party...
fun for the whole  fetish family.
SFRevu Revelers

Michael Walsh
with  Lensman Reprints
We screened many trailers ...The Matrix won
"Got Milk?"

The Evil Claudia
Carlson and Abo SF Ed. Charlie Ryan @ SFRevu's bash
The TOR party

Vernor Vinge
and the new book
That Nebula Judge thing starts to pay off for Steve.
Randy and Ian
wishing they were Nebula judges too.
Wombat trying to figure out how to kidnap the GOH for Albacon

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