1999 by Ernest Lilley

Mar/Apr 1999 Vol.3.03/4
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Editor/Publisher: Ernest Lilley, Assoc. Ed.: Sharon Archer, Production Ed.: Elizabeth R.Stone
Contributors: Rob Archer, Paul Giguere, EJ McClure, Steven Sawicki, Asta Sinusas and Linda Zimmermann

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First Contact
Letter from the Editor / Contact!
Adventures in Fandom- Lunacon

Interview & Review Vernor Vinge / A Deepness in the Sky / True Names / Backlist
SF Bookshelf
New Releases: Rainbow Mars / The Last Continent / White Silence / Finity / Eyes of Silver ZineScene: Rosebud #15
Now in Paperback
Media SF
Movies:The Matrix / Wing Commander Video: Sawicki's Picks
Weird Science by Linda Zimmermann

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