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June 1999 Vol.3.06
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Contributors: Paul Giguere, EJ McClure, Steven Sawicki, John Possidente, John Klima, Wendy Mitchell
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First Contact
Letter from the Editor / Newsbits /
Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Star Wars Tickets / NY Comic and Fantasy Con / Womack&Cadigan @ the KnittingFactory
Interview & Review
SFRevu Interview: Rocket Boy - Homer HickamBack to the Moon
SF Bookshelf
New Releases: Nimisha's Ship / Enchantment / Earthweb / Get a Life / The Iron Giant: A Story in Five Nights
ZineScene: Cemetery Dance 
Media SF
Movies: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace / The Thirteenth Floor   Video: Sawicki's Picks
Art in SF
Donato Giancola

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Back To The Moon by Homer HickamDonato - Inherit The Earth
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceEarthwebNimisha's Ship Get A Life
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