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rocket.gif (13182 bytes) Letter from the Editor

Summer arrived with a vengeance in New Jersey, with weeks of 90-100 degree heat, backed up by the mugginess that the Northeast specializes in. My brain made like a computer and crashed. Sometime later it occurred to me to install the air conditioner stashed in the closet and cool off my apartment enough to get some writing done. The heat also drove SF fans into theaters -- unfortunately there was nothing much for them to watch.

Though not an award, per se, SFRevu garnered an honorable mention in Gardner Dozois's Year's Best SF, right next to the SF Site, which got some much deserved acclaim. John O'Neil, editor of the SF Site, is moving on to other projects, and I wish him well. John has been a source of encouragement for me along the way and anyone who runs a webzine knows that it's a frustrating process where a bit of encouragement counts a lot.

In recognition of the upcoming Aussie Worldcon I've steered this issue of SFRevu towards that intriguing continent, starting with a focus piece on Sean McMullen, an author I've been interested in since his US debut with Centurion's Empire last year. Sean's back with the first in a trilogy; Souls in the Great Machine. Review and interview herein. Our art correspondent, Wendy Mitchell likewise provides us with an interview with Nick Stathopoulos, an artist from down under.

Editor/author Pat Cadigan contributes a review of a book on conspiracies by Richard Belzer. I had really wanted a review of his book even though it's not exactly SF. Fortunately Pat knows quite a bit about the subject and was gracious enough to offer her services.

Bob Devney, back on the Hugo trail, joins us with a review of the second Austin Powers movie. I loved and hated it myself. Like George Carlin, I've always felt that too much violence gets passed by raters and not enough sex. Austin Powers managed to make light enough of sex to get it past, but the "potty" and obesity humor made me cringe.

Paul Giguere snuck in a review of The Cassini Division while I was still gawking at the cover, EJ McClure continues to send in reviews faster than I can get issues out, and Sawicki holed himself up in a cool dark place to keep you in videos for the month.

My suggestion is that you get a tall cool drink, settle back in your chair and stay out of the sun for a bit. After you've read this issue and things have cooled off a bit, you can saunter down to the store for some summer reading material.

Ernest Lilley - Publisher/Editor SFRevu

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Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Readercon / Chiller

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Harlan had a rare attack of speech-

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Photos 1999 Ernest Lilley / Watercolors 1999 Claudia Carlsonreadercon4.jpg (36297 bytes)

Readercon: Ellison & Datlow - I went to Readercon, located in Weston, Mass. at a new hotel. Normally it's one of my favorite Cons. Harlan Ellison was the Writer GOH, Ellen Datlow the Editor GOH. Ian Randall Strock was roaming the Con holding onto a precious first edition of  Artemis Magazine, labeled Spring 2000. Ian has a slightly warped time sense, but his heart's in the right place -- especially since he co-sponsored a party with DNA publisher Warren Lapine. It was a fine party though it had little competition. Unfortunately it was between two rooms where people wanted to sleep. Things worked out for the best in the end. After the hotel shut Ian & Warren down,  they moved a considerable array of potables to the Con suite where the party resumed until sometime around dawn.

Meanwhile folks were trying out the Jacuzzi at Pat Cadigan's party. Someone left a soapreadercon5.jpg (37391 bytes) ring. Pat has the pictures.

Canadian Author Robert Sawyer orchestrated an interesting panel on Canadian SF that I attended. From this I leaned that Canadian SF authors are polite, defined by not being American (US), tend to write about living side by side with another culture (rather than overrunning them) and have no Pulp tradition. This last point seemed a bit challenged by the choice of Robert Sawyer as moderator, besides... I happen to like Pulp.

I missed the panel billed as 90 minutes of conversation between the GOHs. Harlan is reported to have espoused that good editing requires that the editor have been a writer. The Editor GOH (Datlow) drew herself up and pointed out that she has never been a writer, actually. Mr. Ellison is reported to have had a rare attack of speechlessness.

For me, seeing friends and SFRevu staff (the latter group being a subset of the former) was the highlight of the con. Others found listening to Harlan rant engaging.

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Many thanks to Claudia Carlson for her watercolors from the Con. Counterclockwise from the top: 1) Harlan Ellison 2) Ellen Datlow 3) Terry Bisson 4) Harlan toasts the writers gone to that big publisher in the sky 5) Katya, Allen, Katya (Reimann, Steele, Pendill) 6) Esther Friesner

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Chillercon, Secaucus, NJ
Photos 1999 Ernest Lilley
L-R from Top
1) Not the real Darth Maul,
but an amazing simulation.
2) The real Darth Maul (Ray Parks)
3) The real Ted Bohus (SPFX).
4) The real Tom Amorosi (Scarlet
5) OK, who made Dr. Banner 
mad this time?
6) Your typical modelmaker
7) Is it just me or do these 
two look alike?
8) Chiller is pretty much nonstop
dealer's room.
9&10) I scream, you scream, 
we all scream for Scream Queens.
Go to Chiller home:
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Chiller - And now for something completely different. Despite the fact that I don't do Horror, I found myself looking for SPFX editor Ted Bohus at Chillercon back in May.  Here are some pictures from the event:

dscn0498.jpg (6128 bytes) rayparks.jpg (22020 bytes)
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dscn0507.jpg (10536 bytes) dscn0508.jpg (10119 bytes)dscn0509.jpg (11083 bytes) dscn0510.jpg (12987 bytes)dscn0511.jpg (8944 bytes) dscn0524.jpg (13685 bytes)

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