Vol. 3.8 1999 by Ernest Lilley

First Contact

Letter from the Editor / Contact! Adventures in Fandom:Nasfic

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rocket.gif (13182 bytes) Letter from the Editor

SFRevu is in the process of changing its stripes once again.

I've been putting out a monthly issue for the better part of the last three years, and it's starting to get to me. Ok, ok, it's way past starting. Our content has been getting richer every issue, and the issues keep getting longer and longer. Of course that means more and more time is needed to put them together, not to mention actually write them, and like most folks, time is the thing I'm in shortest supply of.

All this means that the issues tend to go out later and later, and instead of timely reviews, you wind up with recent retrospectives. 

Interestingly, the two most useful things about web publishing are that information can be disseminated when it's very fresh...and that it can be kept available for long periods of time.

Print media, on the other hand, lags reality significantly, then disappears as it comes off the newsstand.

As I work on the re-tooling of SFRevu, I hope to make the most of both those features, coming up with a site that brings you events and reviews while it's newsworthy, and is organized to allow you to find previous information when and how you want it.

When matter and energy are compressed in the event horizon of a black hole and disappear from the universe, theory says that they will emerge somewhere else, but transformed.

The black hole looms before our sensors.

"All hands...brace for impact..."

Ernest Lilley - Publisher/Editor SFRevu

Tthanks to the SFRevu crew for all you've done. -  Sharon Archer,  EJ McClure, Elizabeth Stone, Steven Sawicki, Tony Tellado, Paul Gigurere, and everyone who's helped us along the way.

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NASFIC, the alt.Worldcon con, is held in years when Worldcon isn't held in the US. 

It's like a cozy Worldcon, with folks from all over the US, but fewer of them. The con count was somewhere around 2k this year, and it was held just around the corner from Disneyland. That's in Anaheim, CA, not Florida, in case you were confused. It gave me (Ernest) an excuse to go to LA and see all that neat stuff I've already seen on Screen about a million times already. Gee...It's smaller in real life. And of LA, as has been said before...There's no "there" there.

Now that I've been out once, somehow I expect I'll be back. For the moment though, I'm glad to be back in NY.


Contact! Adventures in Fandom: Nasfic

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Fry's Electronics...a must on the geek tour of LA
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You've seen it in SF movies, now behold the Mighty LA River!
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Ernest On the Beach
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I'd rather be...Oh yeah, I am reading...Don't try this in a state where traffic moves.
Pournelle on top, Niven on the bottom. Now in a special trade edition.
Jerry Pournelle and the book that introduced me to fandom.
Allen Steele Goes West
Craig Engler - SF Weekly
Tim Powers
A karaoke rendition of "Blinded me with Science" deafened the crowd at Thursday's dance.
It's the uniform that does it.
Cat - Misty McGregor
Trooper - Loren Christsen
Girl in Grey - Jenny Reed
The X-Wing Rouge Squadron...ready for anything
Artists N. Taylor Blanchard, Michella Nastasia
Hey! It's me! (l-r) Ernest Lilley, Andrew Wheeler, Jean-Marc Officer, Craig Engler
Rocket Girls
Mighty Editors Dozois and Datlow (GOH)
So he says.
24 oz Margueritas at the bar. Fortunately, I was staying at the hotel...unfortunately, I couldn't find it.
The play's the thing to stand in line for.
Science Fiction Playhouse '99 presented
"The Demolished Fan"
Bob Eggelton picked up two Chesleys:
Artistic Achievement
Best Cover Illustration: Magazine
Clarion West Class of '98:
(l-r,b-f) Karen Gishler, Cliff Winnig (E96), Susan Fry, Karen Meisner , John Sullivan, Daniel Abraham, Tamala Viglione, Ruth Nestvold
Teresa Patterson NASFA,
Thanks Terry.
Robots need rest too.
The friendly hotel staff assist a Horta
Tim Powers holds court at the Tor party.
"These droids are for sale, if you want them..."or SFRevu goes undercover to expose the fan slave trade.
Thanks to pacificVR's   tele- presence could be on the balcony...and someday the moon.
The Dreaded SFSF
(Secret Feminist Science Fiction) Cabal convenes in a back room at the Tor bash.
Rayguns are a girl's best friend
LA Spaceport...departing.

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