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Coming Next Month: World SF Convention (ChiCon) coverage, Godzilla1954-2000 by Bob Eggleton, Miocene Arrow review and more...

First Contract by Greg Costikyan 
Review by Ernest Lilley
Aliens Invade Earth! Silicon Valley Collapses!  
Before the current e-stumble, Greg Costikyan was putting together this tale of techno-commerce and alien invasion. It's funny, it's thoughtful, it's recommended for SF readers, e-biz types and anyone who enjoys a bit of irony with their reading.  (more...)

Space Cowboys review by Ernest Lilley (Actor interviews and an audio version of this review can be found on SciFiTalk's RealAudio site)

Space Cowboys digs up the old feud between the military test pilots of the 50s and the NASA astronauts of the 60s. When President Kennedy decided to go to the moon, he wanted a civilian agency to do it, and a lot of military test pilots who'd been dreaming about the conquest of space found the rug pulled out from under them. These were the original right stuff guys, maverick pilots like Chuck Yeager, and perfect for the rugged individual character Eastwood likes to play. (more...)


Sci-Fi-Talk back on the Air! (Realaudio site hosts Tony and Ernest)
Tony Tellado has recently revived his SF interview and commentary show on the web, and we are back doing original content. Our X-Men Special received a top-ten rating from the site hosting us and we're looking forward to exploring the webcasting medium while we cover the SF scene. 
(Listen to the show at

20000721.jpgWomack Weds!
 (7/21/2000) - SF Master Jack Womack looks smugly into the camera moments before saying his vows at the NYC Municipal Chapel with fiancée Valeria Susanina. Will marriage ruin Manhattan's archivist of apocrypha? Will Jack share the fate of re-gooded NYC, prophesied chillingly in his novel of New York...Elvissey. Stay tuned, Womack Watchers... (article)

Readercon 12 This is your brain on books. Any Questions?DSCN0519.JPG  

Okay, maybe not, but for a paltry sum you could have gotten it for your bookshelf at the Gender Bending Tiptree auction at Readercon 12. Goh's were Michael Moorcock and Suzy McKee Charnas, it was held in yet another new hotel, and we had a good time. Attendance was down a bit from last year's Harlan Ellision everyone's relief. (photos and more...)