UK October Offerings by John Berlyne

This month sees a pretty nice selection of genre books released over here. Almost every taste has been catered for as we see both classic reprints and big name books as well as much, much more. No doubt one of the most exciting new books this month is Stephen King's "On Writing". [Hodder & Stoughton. ISBN 0-340-76996-3. 16.99 HC] Part biography, part instructive manual, this looks to be a must-have item for would-be writers and King fans alike. Though a simultaneous release alongside the US edition released by Simon & Schuster/Scribners, the foibles of international time zones may well make the UK edition the true first as happened with Thomas Harris's "Hannibal" a few years ago.

Orion has a busy October with genre releases from five of their imprints. Gollancz have released four more titles in their "SF Collector's Editions" trade paperback series. Reviving the distinctive Gollancz yellow jacket they aim to "restore to print a series of outstanding SF titles." Four titles will be published a month and October sees the release of "Dark Universe" by Daniel F Galouye (nominated for the 1962 Hugo award) [ISBN 0-575-07137-0, 9.99], Clifford D. Simak's "Way Station" [ISBN 0-575-07138-9, 9.99], Ursula K Le Guin's "The Wind's Twelve Quarters" [ISBN 0-575-07138-7, 10.99] and "The Dreaming Jewels" by Theodore Sturgeon [ISBN 0-575-07140-0, 9.99]. Also out this month from Gollancz is the fifth book in the hugely popular "Dark Terrors" Series put together by Stephen Jones and "The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke". For fantasy fans there is a great selection which includes British writer Diana Wynne Jones' (who recently beat no less than J.K.Rowling to win the Mythopoeic Award) "Year of the Griffin" [ISBN 0-575-07047-1, 9.99] , the second book in Mark Chadbourn's "Age of Misrule" saga entitled "Darkest Hour" [ISBN 0-575-06903-1, 10.99] and a beautiful new edition on both hard cover and large format trade paperback of Mickey Zucker Reichert's "The Flightless Falcon" [ISBN 0-57507-077-3 16.99/9.99]. This last coincides with the Orion/Millennium paperback re-issue of Reichert's "The Last of the Renshai" [ISBN 1-85798-152-9, 6.99]

Also this month from the Millennium imprint there are additions to their hugely successful Masterworks series with the publication in paperback of "The Fountains of Paradise" by Arthur C. Clarke [ISBN 1-85798-721-7, 6.99] and "The Compleat Enchanter" by L. Sprague De Camp & Fletcher Pratt. [ISBN 1-85798-757-8, 6.99] Millennium are also releasing David Drake's "Servant of the Dragon" on October 12th. [ISBN 1-85798-950-3, 6.99] Phoenix House, a smaller imprint at Orion are publishing "Atom", a new Beerlight ("...a nightmare city of the future where violence is a new art form and artists are the only people with regular jobs") novel by Steve Aylett. This is a neat hardback edition [ISBN 1-861591-24-1, 9.99] and the publisher blurb makes this one hard to ignore ..."His prose is lyrical, often freaky occasionally wicked but always mind-blowing. It'll make you laugh out loud or strike you dumb. There is nothing else like it. You'll feel like a literary virgin. This is the future of fiction...."

Orbit has some interesting titles out this month. They are releasing two more paperback titles in Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" series, "Circus of the Damned" [ISBN 1-84149-048-2, 5.99] and "The Lunatic Cafe" [ISBN 1-84149-049-0, 5.99] - more in this series will follow in November and December. Also from Orbit come two titles that wrap up two fantasy trilogies - "Angel Fire East", the final book by Terry Brooks in his "The Word and the Void" series [ISBN 1-85723-970-9, 5.99] and K.J. Parker's "The Proof House" [ISBN 1-84149-018-0, 6.99], the long awaited third volume in "The Fencer Trilogy". Science Fiction from Orbit this month comes in the form of "Sten 2: The Wolf Worlds" by Chris Bunch and Allan Cole [ISBN1-84149-008-3, 5.99], the latest in "...a fast-paced SF adventure series, full of action, adventure and intrigue." With over 1 million Sten books sold worldwide this will prove a popular release to fans of the series.

More next month!!

John Berlyne