Editorial License November 2000
by Ernest Lilley, Editor@SFRevu.com

When is this issue going out? Before I go to Comdex, I vowed. Ok, maybe not. but the good news is that I was able to include the SFWA NYC reception at the New Yorker hotel and you can now go to www.byte.com and check out my Comdex coverage. On the brave notion that I'd get it all done in time I wrote the following words...

Once again I'm off in a rush somewhere, this time to the fabulous city of lights...no, not Paris...Las Vegas! 

Along with thousands of other technofiles, I'm going to Comdex, the biggest computer trade show in the US where I'm doing coverage for BYTE.COM (www.byte.com) and Pen Computing. I'm in for a solid week of conferences and show-floor-walking by day and giant shrimp receptions by night. 

The interface between Science Fiction and computers is rife with folks crossing back and forth over between the present and the future. Thanks to my editor at BYTE.COM, longtime SF Conventioneer Daniel Dern, I get to hang out with Jerry Pournelle who discovered long ago that reporting on computer technology pays better than writing about the future (though he still finds time for both) and I keep bumping into my friend and fellow New Yorker Jim Freund, who writes about technology and keeps his own SF Radio show, Hour of the Wolf on WBAI.(5 AM EST on www.wbai.org or 99.5FM in NYC) 

Speaking of radio and webcasting - be sure to check out Sci-Fi Talk's webshow at GiveMeTalk, where showhost/friend Tony Tellado has been having me on as co-host and reviewer since we started doing the show online after our off air hiatus. Though we're still cobbling together our studio and ironing out the kinks of radio production in a broom closet, our shows have been consistently in the top 10 ranks for the webcaster and more importantly we're having fun doing them. This week we did a Red Planet show to go along with my SFRevu coverage. Check it out.

In this issue, which is a tad rushed so I can get it online before I go to Comdex, I've redone the articles/search page to make it easier to find previous articles and issues and the US Releases page keeps growing...take a look to see what coming out this month both here, and abroad with John Berlyne's UK Releases  page. John also give us a review of Atom, which caught my eye when it came out last month.

I review a quirky ghost story for the space age in Abandon In Place and take a look back at 1999 with Bruce Sterling's latest book: Zeitgeist.

There's a bunch of new fall SFTV out, and we look at two cyberpunky offerings Level 9 and  Dark Angel before heading out to the movies for a trip to the Red Planet, which was a pleasant surprise in a year without much good SF in the theaters.

Gotta catch a plane...see you next month when we bring you a photo shoot from the annual SFWA Authors and Editor's Gala, more book and movie reviews and who knows what else...

Ernest Lilley
Editor / SFRevu