SRF20000128-02.jpg (19420 bytes)Supernova (MGM )
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James Spader (Nick Vanzant) Angela Bassett (Kaela Evers) /
Robert Forster (A.J. Marley) / Lou Diamond Phillips (Yerzy Penalosa) / Peter Facinelli (Troy Larson) / Robin Tunney (Danika Lund) / Wilson Cruz (Benjamin Sotomejor) / Vanessa Marshall (Sweetie)
Production: Directed by: Francis Coppola -uncredited & Walter Hill (as Thomas Lee) / Screenplay: David C. Wilson

A movie so bad, it  defied witticism. A movie so bad, you started hoping the universe would explode soon and end it all. A movie so bad Steven Sawicki was unable to form full sentences in his criticism. So, it might be worth renting on video.

There appears to be an SF/Horror subgenre which requires using the name of some big astronomical phenomenon, (Event Horizon, Supernova) to gloss over the total dissmisablity of a film. For all that, I applauded the frequent carnal coupling (in space, no one can hear you come?) the crew resorts too to stem the loneliness and alienation of deep space rescue work. Why didn't James White ever give us scenes with Nurse Murichson and Surgeon Conway engaged in this sort of stress reduction? Possibly because the Hospital Station stories were interesting enough without needing to be sordid. Supernova grasps at the straw of showing interracial zero gee sex to keep us from falling asleep. Of course, after the novelty wore off I'd really rather enjoy that particular activity in a gravity field strong enough to keep bodies from bouncing apart. Or maybe use zero gee bungies.

I really want to ask the designer of the rescue ship Nightingale what the big spinning midsection was supposed to do. Since the stationary bridge at the nose of the ship seemed to have a perfectly good 1g field, I have a suspicion that artificial gravity never entered his mind and he was just mimicking cool space ships he'd seen.

There's an not-so Indiana Jones treasure hunter who's found an alien artifact on a deserted mining moon straight in the path of an oncoming Blue Giant. He calls the rescue ship Nightingale to come pick him up because, um...his dad told him he could trust the doctor. Yeah, that's it. Dad told him. He forgets to mention that fooling around with the alien artifact has made him stronger, younger and pretty close to indestructible. Apparently he was pretty obnoxious and self centered to begin with, so that didn't need improvement.

By the time the Nightingale arrives, the rescue ship is crippled, its captain is dead from a dimensional shift accident and we've given up on getting any kind of reality check from the scriptwriter. Then things start to get bad.

By the end of the movie, it's mano a mano between the pilot and the treasure hunter, though the pretty doctor gets a few good licks in, and the fate of the universe depends on not getting the gizmo home.

There's a lot of nudity, well for an SF flick, but the casual way they obscure the interesting bits with objects was almost as funny as the same gag in the opening scene of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me...but that was supposed to be funny.

Ok, so check your brain at the door (but hang on to the check stub, you never know who's going to steal it for experimentation) and rent this when it  comes out on video. At least you can paste the MST3K characters on your screen and rag on it.