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03/05/00 Brian Aldiss Named SFWA Grand Master
British writer, editor, and critic Brian W. Aldiss, author of NON-STOP (1958), HELLICONIA SPRING (1982) and BILLION YEAR SPREE (1973), has been named a SFWA Grand Master.

The selection, announced March 2 by SFWA President Paul Levinson, was made by a panel consisting of the SFWA Board of Directors and all living past presidents of SFWA. The award will be presented during the Nebula Awards Weekend in New York, May 19-21.

"I'm delighted that Brian will be at our mega-booksigning at Barnes & Noble on May 19, and has agreed to give a talk at the Nebula banquet on May 20 as well," Levinson said. "I think Aldiss and Daniel Keyes will give us an evening to remember."

03/05/00 1999 Nebula Awards Final Ballot Online
The final ballot for the 1999 Nebula Awards is available online at the SFWA Web Site. The password-protected members-only ballot is at and contains hyperlinks for online "reading copies" of all the short fiction nominees. A public version, without the links, appears at:

00/03/04 THE SCI-FILE #149 Science Fiction Weekly #149 is now online. This week we preview Gary Shandling's farcical movie "What Planet Are You From?" We also review Poul Anderson's latest novel, the fantasy computer game "Nox," the "Superman" soundtrack, and much more.

Meanwhile...back in the past

02/10/00 "Flowers for Algernon" Author Daniel Keyes Named "Author Emeritus" for NY Nebulas - - SFWA selects Daniel Keyes to be SFWA's 2000 Author Emeritus.
Paul Levinson, SFWA Pres, says: I can't think of a more appropriate author to receive this honor than Daniel Keyes. His "Flowers for Algernon" grabbed hold of my intellect and soul when I first read it (I was 12) shortly after its publication in 1959, and it hasn't yet let go. In the years since, this one magnificent story has been read in junior high schools and high schools everywhere. In a century in which the novel has in many ways eclipsed the shorter form, Keyes in this one story has carried forth the tradition of Poe, de Maupassant, and O'Henry. Its subject matter -- its sense of understanding crumbling before our all-too-knowledgeable eyes which we know will soon lose even that knowledge -- is Shakespearean in its truth, universality, and depth.
As part of the Author Emeritus program, I'm pleased that Daniel Keyes will speak at our Nebula Awards banquet in New York City on May 20, and join us for our big signing at Barnes & Noble at Union Square on May 19. I hope to see many of you there as well.

02/11/00 Will nothing stop Bob Mayer's Invasion of every known historical artifact? AREA 51 THE SPHINX is now out (Bob Mayer, aka Robert Doherty, aka Greg Donegan)
I am currently writing the next book, AREA 51 THE GRAIL. In July, a new series under my Doherty pen name will be launched by the publication of PSYCHIC WARRIOR which takes warfare to the next level. Also, the second Atlantis book under my Greg Donegan name-- ATLANTIS BERMUDA TRIANGLE-- will be out in May

02/08/00 Music to my Vulcan Ears...and Godzilla 2K Roars
Tim Russ' album is set for release around April 18th as well as the Godzilla 2000 original soundtrack from Japan..both on GNP Crescendo.Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra starring TIM RUSS Start their European tour April 29 in Manchester England at AD 2000. Tim can also be seen as Tuvok the Vulcan of Star Trek Voyager, where he seldom sings. 2/8/00 10:07:09 AM est

02/06/00 Honorable Mention in the Times (Paul T. Riddell -The Healing Power of Obnoxiousness"The Hell's Half-Acre Herald" -
Well, I was finishing up a new installment of the "Herald" when I received a note from Jude Biersdorfer, a writer at the "New York Times", and I figured that I'd better pass on this little bit of news. For those within range of a copy of the "New York Times", pick up the February 6 paper, and go straight to Page 3 of the "Week In Review" section. For those whose contact with the "Times" is purely electronic, hie thee hence to the New York Times and take a gander. Reading will produce enlightenment, but suffice to say that I've finally managed to remove some of my family's shame over me. After all, my name appears in an article in the "Times" without the prefix "convicted serial killer and cannibal", so I must have done something right. (And trust me on this: Jude did good. If this causes some serious intelligent conversation about the status of science fiction in film and television, I'm all for it.) Linkttp://

02/04/00 A Welcome Return (Kathy Holusha - SFRevu Reader)
Ernest & Staff - Today, as I was aimlessly clicking my old, unused favorite bookmarks, my finger twitched at the right moment and what should appear, but a brand new SFRevu. Now I can waste part of my workday on your interesting reviews and commentary. I look forward to your new, improved, time-sensitive format Thanks for coming out of the fallout shelter and joining the new millenium!