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No sooner did I call lovely Sciffy-Romance Author Catherine Asaro a curvaceous astrophysicist in go-go boots (Feb Previews) than she turns up at Boskone to prove it.

More often than not, I find myself driving north to one of my favorite cons in the middle of a snowstorm or on black ice. Though some traditions would be better unkept, 2-5 inches of lightly nightmarish snow and freezing rain coincided with this year's Boskone. Driving up from NJ to the Framingham Sheraton I experienced every variety of bad winter driving known to man, from the dreaded black ice to ghostly fog-outs and the entire range from freezing rain to driving snow.

Friends tell me that after leaving at 5am and arriving at noon, my sense of humor was still on the road hours later...only catching up to me around dinner.

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Boskone is a great place to fill in your SF Collection, dealers and collectors note as they pour over the SFRevu table.

Having arrived late, and sharing a table with two of my SFRevu contributors; Steve Sawicki and Paul Giguere, I saw precious little of the con. Of course, sooner or later everyone comes to the dealer's room, but attendance was clearly way off due to the weather. Just for fun, there were several false fire alarms Saturday.

Never did get to the Con...really, but I hear it was great fun. With all the snow attendance was down, but the pros still had to it was the best of all possible worlds for everyone but the hucksters.

Though I missed the day, I ventured out into the night to find the World Famous Secret Tor party...

Separated at Birth!
All roads lead to Boskone...or so it seems...where we were able to match up these long lost twins...

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Ed Mesky's lovable friend "Judge"

Young Mr. Hartwell's unnamed pooch pal.

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Darrell and ...