Editorial License by Ernest Lilley

SFRevu has never been better. Were solidly on a monthly publishing schedule, John Berlyne is doing a fantastic job with our UK coverage and we've got a steady stream of reviews from both sides of the pond. I'm thrilled and looking forward to the next year.

By the way, though SFRevu uses frames in it's layout, I've included a non-frames version for those of you who asked.

This month I'm back with more US Book Releases and JB brings us an interesting look across the ocean in his UK Book Update. Steven "damnaliens" Sawicki takes apart the months current DVD releases with an axe in Sawicki's Video Releases.

Our Feature Author/Book this month is: ThraxasMartin Scott. Martin won the 2000 World Fantasy novel award with Thraxas and JB was able to catch up with the author for an interview.

We've got Book Reviews galore, including contributions from EJ McClure, Angela McCluney, John Berlyne and yours truly. Between all of us you should be able to find plenty to read on these long winter nights. 

Then on to the movies with a pair of recent movie reviews. If you haven't seen Unbreakable yet, I strongly recommend it, on the other hand if you haven't seen the 6th Day go read a book.

Just in case you've still got a SF friend to buy a present for, we've got a short piece on the Best of the Robots (toys) to bring you up to speed on the current crop of retro robots. For less than a cd, you can have Robby, B-9, or Machine Man in someone's stocking...or for a little more...Bender!

Lastly, Tony Tellado and I have been doing new episodes of his radio show, Sci-Fi Talk, and you'll find links to them on the front page. They're a lot of fun for us to do, and they've been getting a lot of praise from the folks that listen to them. (New SciFiTalk Webcasts)

I think this is one of our best issues ever and can hardly wait to get started on next year's.

Thanks to all our contributors, readers and everyone who helps us by sending in review copies and getting us access for interviews. Have a great holiday, have fun reading the issue, and I'll be back in January with lots more SF reviews...including (at least its in the works) a major 2001 retrospective.

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