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Things have been a bit slow so far this year, especially movie wise, so we went back and did an interview with the Dark Angel cast, who had just won a People's Choice award. We've got some interesting shows in the works though and look forward to more interviews and reviews this year.

If you have show or interview you'd like to hear, or if you think you're someone we'd like to have on the show, email us at

January shows: 
Dark Angel Special - Richard Gunn (Sketchy), Alimi Ballard (Herbal Thought) and JC MacKenzie (Normal)

Upcoming Shows: 
Patrick Stewart - Conversations from Star Trek First Contact to X-Men (February)
Jennifer Blanc - Dark Angel's Kendra (Feb) Star Trek Voyager Special (May)

Future Plans:
Kevin Sorbo, Andromeda (Tentative)
The Gift (Tentative)