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Here's a list of what's coming out in the US this month in Science Fiction and Fantasy. If we missed something or you have a title coming out in the future, email us at news@sfrevu.com 

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Recommended Reading
This February the remaining two of the original series The Defiant Agents and Key Out of Time were published together as Time Traders II. The novels detail the adventures of a select group of specially trained agents who travel through time and space in search of long lost secrets of an alien civilization.  See full SFReview. 

In Manifold Space Stephen Baxter reshuffles the deck of players he used in Manifold Time to tell a different story about galactic expansion and the limits of mankind. Highly Recommended.  See full SFReview.

In Falling Stars by Michael Flynn, the author finishes (for now) his Stars series about the will of one woman as she pushes Earth to develop a space infrastructure to defend it against asteroids. See full SFReview. and our interview with the author SFReview Feature.


Titles By Publisher

Ace - website: http://www.penguinputnam.com/catalog/fiction/books/browse_cat6_pg1.html 

Hardcover: What could be better reading for St. Patty's day than St. Patrick's Gargoyle by Katherine Kurtz? It's a story about the gargoyles that watch over the churches of Dublin. Gargoyles seem to be getting softer and cuddlier these days, Special Unit 2 notwithstanding.
Paperback: Twenty years after magic swells onto the streets of Galveston (by Sean Stewart) the city is divided into magical and nonmagical, and the magical part works better. Stewart does for Galveston what Ford did for Chicago in The Last Hot Time.

Avon Books - website: http://www.harpercollins.com/hc/aboutus/imprints/avon.asp 

Baen - website: http://www.baen.com 

Hardcover:  Second in Baen's omnibus reprints of the classic Time Traders series, this month's release is Time Traders II : The Defiant Agents & Key Out of Time by Andre Norton. Highly recommended. See SFReview.

The Sacred Pool by L. Warren Douglas
The Spheres of Heaven by Charles Sheffield

Paperback: Good ol' boys find themselves back in 1632 by Eric Flint, and dig in to make a better past, present and future. 

In one of those annoying coincidences in science, or in this case, Science Fiction, more than one person has the same idea at the same time. So it was with Charles Sheffield and Arthur C. Clarke. Fountains of Paradise was Clarke's space elevator opus, but have you read The Web Between the Worlds by Charles Sheffield? Clarke wrote the introduction. 

By Any Other Name by Spider Robinson

Ballentine Books -  website: http://www.randomhouse.com/BB 
  Darth Maul : Shadow Hunter (Star Wars) by Michael Reaves
Bantam Spectra - website: http://www.randomhouse.com/bantamdell/spectra.html 
Berkley Publishing Group - website: 

Atlantis : Devil's Sea
by Greg Donegan

Circlet Press - website: http://www.circlet.com 
Chaosium Inc - http://www.chaosium.com 
Daw   - website: http://www.dawbooks.com 
Paperback: At this point, ancient aliens may be old space-helmet, but I like this series of Mil-SF-UFO adventures, including the latest, Area 51 : The Grail by Robert Doherty. Of course, I like Stargate 1 too.

Oceans of Magic by Brian Thomsen(Editor), Martin H. Greenberg(Editor)
Red Moon Rising by Billie Sue Mosiman
The Sand Wars (Sand Wars) by Charles Ingrid

Dell Publishing   - website: 
Del Rey - website: http://www.randomhouse.com/delrey/patch.html 
Hardcover: Many authors recycle universes, but Manifold : Space by Stephen Baxter, uses the same character to tell a whole new story. Heck of a book too. I'm still haunted by the vision of an ex-NASA astronaut standing at the end of time, still holding his battered helmet. Baxter thoughtfully interprets classic themes as only he can. See full SFReview.

Colonization : Aftershocks by Harry Turtledove
Perdido Street Station by China Mieville
Pavane by Keith Roberts

Eos  - website: http://www.harpercollins.com/hc/features/eos 

Paperback: An interesting contrast to Baxter's Manifold Space, with it's universe teeming with life, Infinity Beach by Jack McDevitt looks at man's future in a cosmos which "...boasts no friendly coast, no sails, no sign that any have passed this way before." Well, maybe a few signs if you know how to read them.
The Hallowed Isle : The Book of the Cauldron and the Book of the Stone
by Diana L. Paxson
Lord of Emperors : The Conclusion of the Sarantine Mosaic (Sarantine Mosaic, 2) by Guy Gavriel Kay

Harper Prism - website: http://www.harpercollins.com/imprints/harper_prism

Paperback: Before Snow Crash, before The Diamond Age...and way before Cryptonomicon there was The Big U by Neal Stephenson. Think of it as Catch-22 meets Real Genius,  where the impersonal organization is the big university, and the students get ground up by administration, secret research projects and a computer system from hell. Or was that Redmond?

Mort (Discworld, 4) by Terry Pratchett, Victor Gollancz
Wyrd Sisters (Discworld, 6) by Terry Pratchett, Victor Gollancz
Harper Collins - website: http://www.harpercollins.com/
Hardcover: A kingdom divided for a century struggles with peace against the resistance of those that benefit from strife and an ancient curse that permeates the land. The One Kingdom (The Swans' War, Book 1) by Sean Russell guarantees all the bloodshed, fantasy and intrigue you can eat, if you can keep the characters straight.

What if Dinosaurs had survived to evolve into an intelligence to rival man? Winter in Eden by Harry Harrison takes this premise and spins a yarn about prehistoric hunters, racial survival, and parallel evolution. This is a long awaited reprint of the second book in the series, the first being West of Eden and still available in paperback.

Look! More adventures from those lovable mutants for anyone who can't wait for the next movie! X-Men : The Inhumans (X-Men Series) by Steve Lyons

Pocket Books - http://www.simonandschuster.com/subs/index.cfm?areaid=44 
Paperback: Dark Imperium by Marc Gascoigne(Editor), et al. "In the war-torn 41st millennium humanity stands on the shores of damnation, their only savior is the Immortal God Emperor and the massed armies of the Imperium, in this searing anthology of Warhammer 40,000 stories torn from the pages of Inferno! magazine" Gosh! That's a lot of stories to tear out. Bet it's exciting game fiction though.

Warcraft : The Last Guardian (Warcraft, 1) by Charles L. Grant

Penguin Books
Roc - website: www.penguinputnam.com/cgi-bin/to_catalog.cgi?category=fiction&subcatid=7
Paperback: Richard Dean Anderson has made Stargate the series much better SF than the original film. Though they could certainly buy better cover art, The Morpheus Factor (Stargate SG-1) by Ashely McConnell, Ashley McConnell captures the ensemble nature of the cast in even better depth.
The Shast War
by Christopher Rowley
Tails You Lose (Shadowrun, No 39)
by Lisa Smedman
Star Trek - 


On a diplomatic away mission to go on a hunt with a royal preserve, Riker has to survive by Tooth and Claw (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #60) (by Doranna Durgin) before he gets eaten and the sun explodes. Thanks to damping fields, none of their 25th century technology works and the place is stocked with the deadliest wildlife they can find. Seriously, do we give our boys two minutes of life expectancy with a premise like that?

A conquered world struggles to break the grip of its Klingon masters and everything depends on the Diplomatic Implausibility (Star Trek: The Next Generation, 61) (by Keith R. A. De Candido) of Worf's skills as a negotiatior. I'm giving Riker better odds in Tooth and Claw.

Stealth Press (reprints) - www.stealthpress.com 

Book Jacket

Nebula Award Stories: Damon Knight (editor) - In 1965, Damon Knight founded the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) and established the annual presentation of the Nebula Awards. Here is their first volume, reprinted by Stealth Press. Brian W. Aldiss conjures up an invasion of invisible monsters in "The Saliva Tree." A psychiatrist breaks new ground in mental health with the ability to enter...and reshape...minds in Roger Zelazny's "He Who Shapes". In Zelazny's "The Doors of his Face, The Lamps of his Mouth", a man is given one last chance at capturing a legendary sea serpent in the oceans of Venus. A clownish figure disrupts productivity in a future where loss of time equals loss of life in Harlan Ellisons "'Repent Harlequin!' said the Ticktockman". Larry Niven's "Becalmed in Hell" asks the question whether a spaceship's malfunction is mechanical...or psychological. In "Balanced Ecology" by James H. Schmitz, only two children can prevent the cutting and clearing of a diamondwood forest...with a little help from Mother Nature.
St. Martin's Press


A new edition of the second Dragonlance trilogy which deals with Raistlin, and his brother Caramon. It tells the story of the culmination of Raistlin's power and ambition.
Book 1: Time of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends Trilogy, A Dragonlance(r) Novel) by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman. 
Book 2: War of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends Trilogy, A Dragonlance(r) Novel) by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
Book 3:  Test of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends Trilogy, A Dragonlance(r) Novel) by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman


Legacy of the Drow Collector's Edition (A Forgotten Realms(r) Omnibus) by R. A. Salvatore
The Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carroll
The Messenger (Dragonlance Icewall, Vol. 1) by Douglas Niles
Planeshift (Invasion Cycle, Book II, A Magic: The Gathering(r) Novel) by J. Robert King
Thornhold (Songs and Swords, Book IV, A Forgotten Realms(r) Novels)
by Elaine Cunningham

Tor - website: www.tor.com 

Hardcover: Hardcover: What SF library could be complete without a copy of The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke (by Arthur Charles Clarke) by the man who has consistenly put the Science in Science Fiction since the Golden Age began.

In Falling Stars by Michael Flynn, the author finishes (for now) his Stars series about the will of one woman as she pushes Earth to develop a space infrastructure to defend it against asteroids. See full SFReview.

Harlan Ellison recently declared that this is the Golden Age of Australian Science Fiction. Despite not having been published outside of Australia, Dreaming Down-Under by Jack Dann(Editor), Janeen Webb(Editor) won the 1999 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology, and stories from its pages have appeared in many Year's Best anthologies. 

A new fantasy set in 12th century Japan, Genpei by Kara Dalkey chronicles the historically accurate Genpei War of 1179-1185. At the end of the war the child emperor and his family jumped into the sea and with them the Imperial Sword was lost. The opposing leader took control and became the first Shogun of Japan. These events have always been shrouded in legend, now Dalkey impues them with fantasy as well. One thing's for sure, it will expand your view of fantasy by adding a new mythos to your worldview.

Return to the Whorl (Book of the Short Sun, Vol. 3) by Gene Wolfe is the final part of the Short Sun trilogy and connects directly to the tetrology that preceded it, the Book of the Long Sun. Hailed as nothing less than genius, Wolfe's latest work is certain to delight his readers.

Leopard in Exile (Norton, Andre. Carolus Rex, Bk. 2.) by Andre Norton, Rosemary Edghill
The Octagonal Raven by L. E., Jr. Modesitt
Point of Dreams by Melissa Scott, Lisa A. Barnett
The Wayfarer Redemption (Battleaxe, Book 1) by Sara Douglass
The Whisperer and Other Voices by Brian Lumley
The Wooden Sea by Jonathan Carroll

Ascendant Sun
by Catherine Asaro
Chosen by Ricardo Pinto
The First Protector (Earth: Final Conflict) by James White
Genesis by Poul Anderson
The Incredible Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson
The Kingless Land (Band of Four, Vol. 1) by Ed Greenwood
Lovelock by Orson Scott Card, et al
Murcheston by David Holland
Reckoning by Thomas Monteleone
Sea Dragon Heir by Storm Constantine

Warner Aspect - website: http://www.twbookmark.com/sciencefiction 
Kingdoms of Light
by Alan Dean Foster

The Snow Queen
by Joan D. Vinge
Sourcery (Discworld 5) by Terry Pratchett, Victor Gollancz
A Triumph of Souls : Journeys of the Catechist, Book 3 by Alan Dean Foster

Wizards of the Coast - website: www.wizards.com
The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition (A Forgotten Realms(r) Omnibus)
by R. A. Salvatore