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Special Unit 2 - Miami Goth? GhostBusters In Black? 

The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick coming to NYC and Chicago March 2nd. / The Dish - Coming in March to the US, already released down under where Bob Eggleton discovered this great piece of NASA Nostalgia.

Con Report: Boskone
I was really looking forward to Boskone, but got laid up instead. We get coverage anyway thanks to a little help from my friends
Space 1999

What can you expect from a man who loves Godzilla? Bob Eggleton joins us to explain why a TV show about the moon starring as a starship was more fun than foolishness.

Book Feature: 
Michael Flynn Interview
Falling Stars
by Michael Flynn

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Feb US New Books
Feb UK Update
Manifold Space by Stephen Baxter
Terror Firma by Matthew Thomas
Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card 
Knights Dawn by Kim Hunter
Time Traders
by Andre Norton
Of Men and Monsters
by William Tenn