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Editorial License - Websters, loners or part of a virtual community?

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Lunacon - Preview the con, as soon as we can, we'll post pictures and an article.
DamnAliens DVD -  Steve survives the October / March blues, barely.
SciFiTalk Radio Shows - Tony and Ern are cranking them out at

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3/14 Dish, The (limited)
3/18 Spy Kids (premiere)
4/1 Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
4/1 Impostor
4/6 Just Visiting

Special Tribute: Jenna's Page
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Grayson

Book Feature: Gridlinked by Neal Asher / Neil Asher Interview

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Mar US New Books
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Cassandra Complex by Brian Stableford 
by Stephen King
1632 by Eric Flint