UK June 2001 Releases by John Berlyne 
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Following in the footsteps of Gollancz's superb science fiction and fantasy Masterworks series, this month see the launch of HarperCollins's Voyager Classics. "...a collection of the most influential and respected titles of the past century, published in stunning matching jackets with flaps". The first six releases are The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkein, The Once and Future King by T.H. White, Asimov's Foundation, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and lastly Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. All titles are smart blue jacketed paperbacks priced at 7.99, and though one may argue that some of the forthcoming titles are a little too recent to be considered classics, they all certainly deserve reprinting.

Voyager has some other interesting titles out this month. Not least of these is the UK edition of Passage - the latest (and very excellent) novel from Connie Willis (see my review this month) - released as a large format trade paperback priced at 11.99, ISBN 0-00-711825-2. Jack McDevitt's Deepsix is published in mass market paperback priced at 5.99, ISBN 0-00-710879-6 and the third part of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series also gets it's mass market edition. If  you've not yet dipped into this fantastic saga then you've been missing out. This is one of those rare times when something really manages to live up to the hype that surrounds it. Originally published some months ago in one volume, this third installment has been carved in two by HarperCollins for the mass market release. I'm tempted to be cynical and suggest that this is a ploy to get twice to cash from the readers that didn't buy the original hardcover but as this first part of Vol. 3 weighs in at over 600 pages, it seems just as likely that it simply wouldn't all fit into one paperback release! You'll be certainly getting your money's worth though. Steel and Snow - Part One of A Storm of Swords is priced at 6.99, ISBN 0-00-647990-1. The second part is due in August.

This months second UK review is of The Night of the Triffids, Simon Clark's attempt at a sequel to the 1951 John Wyndham classic, The Day of the Triffids. Take a look at the review for my critical appraisal - here I'll just give out the bare facts. The Clarke sequel is published by Hodder & Stoughton in hard cover, priced 17.99, ISBN 0-340-76600-X. The Wyndham receives a reissue in Penguin Modern Classics, priced at 6.99, ISBN 0-141-18541-4. A new near-future thriller by Paul Johnston, The House of Dust is published by H&S in hard cover priced at 17.99, ISBN 0340766123 and Sharyn McCrumb has a new supernatural tale out, The Song Catcher. This is published in hard cover at 17.99, ISBN 0340717173.

Orbit proudly release the first in a new fantasy series by their up and coming fantasy writer K.J Parker (which is a pseudonym). Shadow - the first book of The Scavenger Trilogy is a smart trade paperback priced at 10.99, ISBN 1-84149-019-9. I loved the first book in Parker's Fencer Trilogy, but found the two subsequent titles really hard going. I hope this new series can live up to the promise of it's first installment. More fantasy from Orbit (they have no sf output this month!) - Julia Gray (another pseudonym!) has The Jasper Forest, Book two of The Guardian Cycle published as a paperback original - priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-84149-057-1; L.E.Modesitt Jr's Magi'i of Cyador is a paperback original also priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-84149-027-X and in hard cover Orbit publish British writer Maggie Furey's Spirit of the Stone, the second book of the Shadowleague series. Priced at 16.99,  ISBN 1-85723-952-0.

On to Gollancz who as ever have an impressive release list. First up is the brand new novel from young British writer Adam Roberts. His first novel, Salt (released next month in paperback) was nominated for this year's Arthur C. Clarke award and was compared very favorably with Frank Herbert's Dune books. The new novel On, is an extraordinary tale of a world turned literally on it's side.Published in both hardcover (priced at 17.99, ISBN 0-575-07176-1) and trade paperback (priced at 10.99, ISBN 0-575-07177-X) this promised to be one of the year's major releases.

Another British writer, Paul Cornell is published this month by Gollancz. Cornell, who has written extensively for TV over here and is also the author of a number of Dr Who books, has penned a tale set in a far future Britain and this one looks to be quite interesting. Something More is published in both hardback (price 17.99 ISBN 0-575-07202-4) and as a trade paperback (price 10.9, ISBN 0-575-07203-2.)

This month's release in the Yellow jacketed SF Collector's Edition series is Eric Frank Russell's Next of Kin - a smart trade paperback priced at 9.99, ISBN 0-575-07240-7 and in the continuing SF Masterworks series, there comes Bring The Jubilee by Ward Moore. Priced at 6.99, this edition carries the ISBN 1-85798-764-0. The final SF release from Gollancz this month is the mass market paperback edition of Roger Levy's Reckless Sleep. This is priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-85798-890-6.

Gollancz's fantasy list for this month is equally as impressive. The second book in Storm Constantine's Chronicles of Magravandias series,  Crown of Silence is released in paperback (priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-85798-785-3) to coincide with the release of the third book, The Way of the Light which is published in both hard cover (17.99, ISBN 0-575-06679-2) and trade paperback (10.99, ISBN 0-575-60319-4.) A stand alone fantasy by the celebrated Mercedes Lackey, Brightly Burning is released in both hardback (price 16.99, ISBN 0-575-07199-0) and trade paperback (9.99, ISBN 0-57507-200-8). This one is worth a look just for the stunning cover illustration by Jon Sullivan. There is a mass market paperback release for Simon R. Green with his book Beyond the Blue Moon - priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-85798-765-9. Green is best known in the US for his novelization of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Australian writer Kate Jacoby sees publication of the third book in her Elita series. Black Eagle Rising is published in mass market paperback priced at 6.99, ISBN 1-85798-750-0. Finally this month from Gollancz is the eighteenth title in the Fantasy Masterworks series. The First Book of Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber contains the first four volumes chronicling the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. A must for all fans of heroic fantasy, this new reprint is a handsome trade paperback with fantastic cover art. Priced at 8.99, ISBN 1-85798-327-0.

Last but by no means least this month comes an important release from Simon & Schuster/Earthlight. Anslem Audley is a young British writer still in his teens!!!!!! His new book Heresy is published this month in trade paperback and there can be little doubt that Audley, currently studying at Oxford, will be a name to watch. Priced at 10.00, ISBN 0-7432-0950-8.

More next month.