P6042553.JPGChiller Theater Spring 2001
Ernest Lilley/Tony Tellado

Twice a year, on a few select nights, when the sun goes down over the NJ Meadowlands, a transformation steals over the Hilton hotel and all manner of ghouls come out of hiding. It's Chiller Theater, the wildest Northeast Horror and Retro TV con there is.

Tony Tellado (Sci-Fi Talk) and I dropped in Friday, April 27th to take in the frights and sights...and here are the photographic results. 

The con was fun, everyone was great...and the party was enough to wake the dead.

Scarlet Street editor Richard Valley stepped into the elevator and found himself facing Lost in Space cast member Mark Goddard, who was appropriately at the controls. "Up?" asked the former Major West. When Richard nodded, Mark firmly pressed the "Down" button and off they went to the hotel subbasement. 

"So," Richard mused. "You played the pilot."

P6042535.JPG P6042538.JPG P6042545.JPG
Sunset...and ghouls come out. Good plan, as jumping off the top of the parking garage would have been messy. Take a flyer...if you dare.
P6042548.JPG P6042551.JPG P6042552.JPG
Stacy, Rick, Frank.
P6042553.JPG P6042554.JPG P6042560.JPG
Self fulfilling prophecy, Blondzilla and Masker Ravens, Not all the models are made of silicone...some are genuine plastic.
P6042561.JPG P6042562.JPG P6042567.JPG
Redundant reading, Hallway haunting, Dr. Who Propmaker Steve Gostelow.
P6042572.JPG P6042575.JPG P6042580.JPG
Animal and "Friend", David "Grasshopper" Carradine, Jerry "Garabaldi" Doyle.
P6042586.JPG P6042587.JPG P6042588.JPG
Groovy T shirt,  Michael "The Hills Have Eyes" Berryman, John "Timmy" Provost from Lassie,, rescued from the well and all grown up.
P6042589.JPG P6042590.JPG P6042591.JPG
Linda Blair (Notice how I managed to catch her head pointing forward?), Lou "The Hulk" Ferigno, Zarcharly...our favorite cool ghoul.
P6042593.JPG P6042595.JPG P6042597.JPG
Walter "Chekov" Koenig and Jerry "Garabaldi" Doyle, Carrie Dobro, Myke (spike).
P6042598.JPG P6042605.JPG P6042606.JPG
I didn't catch her name, but keep your eye out for the girl on the left. The camera really likes her. Cary-Hokuri Togawa, plays Krull in the new Planet of the Apes Movie coming and we've got the goods on it. ( www.scifitalk.com )
P6042608.JPG P6042621.JPG P6042622.JPG
Playmate, Camel Cigarette Pinup and armful Laurie Wallace and a guy who looks just like SFRevu Editor Ernest Lilley, Michael Berryman with Ted Bohus, Ted and Kevin Clemment (Con Organizer).