April-May Movie Previews by David Marsh
Shrek, his donkey and Princess Fiona 4/6 Just Visiting (2001)
4/22 Shrek (2001) (premiere)
4/27 Dish, The (2000) (wider)
4/28 Akira (1988) (Los Angeles Film Festival)
4/29 Mummy Returns, The (2001) (premiere)
5/4 Mummy Returns, The (2001)
5/18 Shrek (2001)

Shrek, his donkey and Princess Fiona 2001 - Dreamworks SKG - All Rights Reserved

The SF Movie drought continues through April and May. The best thing out is a re-release of Akira at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Neither The Mummy Returns, nor the Greatest Fairy Tale Never Told (Shrek) do much for me in the coming month. Maybe June will have something good.

Last month I suggested that you rent a kid and go see Spy Kids when it came out. I thought it might be fun. Please accept my apology. - David Marsh

Brendan Fraser returns as Rick O'ConnellThe Mummy Returns 
Photo by Photo: Keith Hamshere - 2001 - Universal Studios - All Rights Reserved

Unless something has drastically improved since  Brendan Fraiser hammed his way through Universal's 1999 special effects retake on The Mummy, the return of this cast isn't good news at all. Forced to live out a chain of archaic movie sequels, they've shipped the mummy to London so that it can wake up again and wreak more havoc. 

Those who don't watch movies are doomed to repeat them.

Shrek, his donkey and Princess FionaShrek - John Lithgow voices a heartless midget ruler in the faraway land of Duloc. He's boring, and he knows it, so not wanting to look bad he bans all fairy tales from the kingdom. Mike Meyers does the voice of Shrek, a smelly Ogre who is the fly in Lithgow's ointment. Along with Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz (or their voices anyway) He's out to save the Kingdom. I have a really bad feeling about this. Remember when John Lithgow was a good actor and Cameron Diaz had a body? The good old days. - DM