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Tribute: Douglas Adams

Damnaliens DVD by Steve Sawicki -  Suddenly there's plenty to watch on the tube. Sawicki explains the periodic nature of DVD releases and recommends some summer watching.

May - June Movie Previews 
5/16 Shrek (LA/NYC)
5/18 Shrek General Release
5/18 Angel Eyes (2001)
6/8 Evolution (2001)
6/15 Atlantis- The Lost Empire (2001)
6/15 Tomb Raider (2001)
2/29 A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

The Mummy Returns
A Knight's Tale

Event: Clarke Awards

"... a compelling world of gods and heroes that sets a new high-water mark for epic fantasy." - EJ McClure

"...a tremendous collection of short stories from an author that should have been much better known..." -Ernest Lilley

SFTV - All good things must end, and so does this SFTV season. Check out the news and Ern's views on the end of Voyager and the next Trek.


Alistair Reynolds / Chasm City
by John Berlyne

John Clute / Appleseed
by Ernest Lilley

US Book Releases by Sharon Archer

UK Book Releases by John Berlyne

Book Reviews: 
Blade of Tyshalle
Memories of the Future
Phoenix Fire
Evolution's Darling
Outpost by Mike Resnick