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How many Science Fiction organizations do you know with their own building? Well, NESFA, for one, but not a lot of others, especially in one of the most populous cities in the world. How many can count on first string authors like Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven to show up at and pitch in with the rest? Or the inside track on space policy or rocket plane research? (continued below

Fry's Hollywood Ave Store

Alex Pournelle Incognito

You have to respect a club that keeps minutes for years.


A comfortable clubhouse, complete with personal attention - that's Jerry Pournelle getting a much needed backrub.

And Larry Niven enjoying the evening's goings on.

(continued from above) In LA, where flying saucers crash into electronic stores and the sun is so bright my friend Alex Pournelle felt he had to wear shades even at the LASFA meeting on August 16th, it happens every week. Also, notice that they don't hold the meetings on a Saturday, leaving the possibility of members having a life. Well, they could if they wanted.

Since I was in LA, I stopped by to see what it was like, and had a great time. Nice folks, but you'd expect that from SF fans. As a guest, I got in free, though Alex forked over a nominal sum. Sodas, and they have a diverse and copious supply, were 50 cents a can, so we both anted up for beverages and settled among the throng. 

The meeting started out with the review and approval of minutes of previous meetings, laced with puns and provocations, engagingly done and actually an enjoyable part of the festivities. It seems to be a standing contest to see who can find the most creative wording for the resolution to accept the minutes, and high and low quality pun-ishemnt was meted out to the attendees. 

A science fiction saint was canonized, in the personage of Bjo Trimble, a longstanding member of the LASFS and possibly the reason you have Star Trek to watch today. Back in the 60s, when cancellation of the series was impending, it was Bjo, with her husband John, who organized the famous letter writing campaigns. Bjo has done a host of other things, including starting the tradition of art shows at SF Cons, and her elevation was unanimously approved by an enthusiastic crowd. 

Shortly thereafter, I had to duck out for a chance to see the fabled "Chaos Manor", Jerry Pournelle's office/workshop made famous in his Byte ( columns which I've been reading for years. Alex and I caught up the the LASFSians again at their post meeting hang out for deli food I thought we'd managed to prevent escaping from NYC, and the group proved as convivial as one could hope. 

So, if you're going to be in LA on any given Thursday, check their website and drop in.