DSCN3197.JPG SFRA 2001 Conference
Text and Photos by Ernest Lilley

The SFRA held it's annual meeting in Schenectady last Memorial Day, May 24-27, 2001, with the theme: SF In The Next Millennium : Looking Forward While Remembering the Past! 

Awards were given, and I'll be updating this page with who won what shortly with a little help from my favorite marsupial, one hopes. The papers that were given were, as my old friend Mentor of Arisia would say, right scholarly works, and added considerably to the SFRA's visualization of the cosmic all.


Three guests of honor: C.J. Cherryh, Jane Yolen, David Webber

Rakish, witty, devil may care Damnaliens author Steve Sawicki and sartorial legend David Hartwell (Tor and NYRSF Editor). Conference Chair Jan Finder is the resplendent Wombat, posing as a penguin. Femme Fatale of the fair, Leigh Fuller enjoys post presentation euphoria. "Thank you all for popping my conference cherry." The Santa Cruz grad student asked of her audience. The pleasure was all ours.

SFRA 2001 Award Winners: 
(Courtesy Michael Levy, SFRA Board)

The award for the Outstanding Graduate Student Paper at the 2000 meeting went to Sonja Fritzsche, formerly a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, now a new assistant professor at Illinois Wesleyan University for her paper on East German SF.

The Clareson Award for Outstanding Service to the Field went to Donald "Mack" Hassler.

The Pioneer Award for the Outstanding Scholarly Article of the Year went to De Witt Douglas Kilgore for his essay on Vonda McIntyre from last year's SF Studies

The Pilgrim Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field went to Dave Samuelson

* * *

Next Year's Conference will be held in New Landmark, Scotland.