Summer Movie Previews by David Marsh
Buy this from 8/6 Osmosis Jones (2001)
8/8 Spy Kids (2001)
8/24 Ghosts of Mars (2001)
8/31 Jeepers Creepers (2001)


After the summer disasters that Tomb Raider and Planet of The Apes turned out to be, are you afraid to go back in the theater? Well, look at the bright side, there's nothing all that good coming up to disappoint you. I mean, how much can you hope for when an animated amoeba is Bill Murray's only hope to fight off an infection (Osmosis Jones). It might just be fun, but I'm getting my shots first. And I just wanted to warn you that Spy Kids is being re-released with a new ending...evidentially, someone from the studio saw the movie by accident and realized what a turkey it was. John Carpenter's  Ghosts of Mars isn't likely to win any awards, but it may still be better than the lame "we go to Mars and meet aliens NASA style) movies that we've been subjected to recently. - David Marsh

Buy this from nostalgia.comOsmosis Jones: Every Body Needs A Hero 
2001 - Warner Brothers - All Rights Reserved

Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock) is a maverick white blood cell cop who's got a deadpan cold tablet for a sidekick. 

Bill Murray's a guy with a cold. 

The bad guys are germs. 

Any questions?

Still, in the previews, Chris Rock seems to be bringing some likeable personality to the character. 

Jeepers Creepers
2001 - MGM - All Rights Reserved

Two kids on a lonely country road get passed by an old truck and make the mistake of seeing what it was on the way to get rid of.

The tagline, "What's Eating You?", may not be a lot to go on, but it's probably enough for you to figure out whether this is your cup of tea or not. 

Clive Barker calls it "The most stylish horror movie he's seen in years." Or something like that. Notice he didn't actually say it was good.

coverJohn Carpenter's "Ghosts of Mars"
2001 - Sony - All Rights Reserved

Mars is a penal colony and the prisoners are being taken over by left over Martian spirits...and they're mad.

Sounds promising, doesn't it?