US June/July 2001 Releases by Sharon Archer


 In June Ace brought out in the US astrophysicist Alastair Reynolds’s Arthur C. Clarke award nominated first novel, Revelation Space.  The author had discussed this book and his newest UK release in his in-depth interview with John Berlyne in our May 2001 issue. New in hardcover for July from Ace is First Landing by Robert Zubrin, described by Gregory Bedford as a Ken-Follet-like Mars novel.

Out in hardcover from Avon Books in June was Neil Gaiman’s intriguing American Gods, which editor Ernest Lilley found to be excellent  - see his review this issue.   Avon/EOS released the seventh and concluding volume in Robert Silverberg’s enduring Majipoor Cycle, The King of Dreams - Book Three of the Prestimion Trilogy.  Released in Trade Paperback was the second volume in the Mammoth trilogy by Stephen Baxter, Longtusk.  In paperback Year’s Best SF 6 edited by David Hartwell came out featuring twenty seven of the best stories of year 2000 by writers Brian Aldiss, Stephen Baxter, David Brin, Nancy Kress, Ursula Le Guin and Robert Silverberg among others.  Out in hardcover in July from Avon Books is the C.J. Cherryh’s latest effort, Hammerfall. 

For those interested in Military SF Baen featured in June Foreign Legions created by David Drake, set in the universe of Ranks of Bronze with new novellas by Drake, Eric Flint, S.M. Stirling, Mark L. Van Name and David Weber. Also out from this publisher was Melchior’s Fire by Jack L. Chalker.  Hardcover releases from Baen in July include a fantasy, The Veil of Years by L. Warren Douglas a sequel to The Sacred Pool and for the more military-minded the 5th volume in the Byzantine Belisarius alt-history series by Eric Flint and David Drake, The Tide of Victory.  The publisher is also bringing out a reprint paperback edition of an earlier entry in the series, Fortune's Stroke.

Ballentine/Del Rey hardcover June releases  included Star Wars: Cloak of Deception by James Luceno and Reunion: A Pip and Flinx Novel from Alan Dean Foster whose Dirge: Book Two of the Founding of the Commonwealth is also out, in paperback.   The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic, a Graphic Novel adaptation of Tolkien’s epic tale by Charles Dixon with Sean Deming and illustrated by David Wenzel was released in a trade edition.   Other paperback releases included Prospero’s Children by Jan Siegel and the third volume of the J. Gregory Keyes Age of Unreason series, Empire of Unreason.  July’s hardcovers include the sequel to Prospero’s Children, The Dragon Charmer by Jan Siegel, Mutant by Peter Clement and Ravenheart by David Gemmell the third book in this author’s heroic fantasy saga the Rigante series.  Published in Trade editions will be Arthur C. Clarke’s classic Childhood’s End and from J. Gregory Keyes The Shadows of God the fourth and concluding volume in his Age of Unreason series.  In paperback is Babylon 5 Summoning Light: The Passing of the Techno-Mages by Jeanne Cavelos Book 2 in the ongoing space epic, Great War: Breakthroughs from Harry Turtledove’s alternate history series and Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Balance Point by Kathy Tyers.  

Daw Books is releasing in July The Fall of Neskaya: Book 1 of the Chingfire Trilogy by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross     set in Bradley’s popular Darkover universe during the era of The Hundred Kingdoms. In paperback will be Assassin Fantastic edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Alexander Potter a collection of new tales featuring well…assassins.

Perennial favorite The Year's Best Science Fiction edited by Gardner R. Dozois is out in July from Griffin.  This year’s annual edition features 22 works from grand masters Ursula LeGuin and Poul Anderson, along with entries from Stephen Baxter, Greg Egan, Terry Bisson, Alastair Reynolds and many others.  The anthology is considered one of the best and most comprehensive collections of current state of the genre works.

HarperPerennial Library released paperback reprints in June of two Neil Gaimen books: Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions an anthology of short stories and poems reviewed when first released in hardcover by Avon in SFRevu Vol 2.11 (Nov’98) and Stardust in Vol 3.01 (Jan’99).  In July they are bringing out A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities by Ray Bradbury a classic mix of murder, mystery and movies.

Another debut novel by a professional scientist, nuclear physicist J.N. Stroyer The Children’s War, an alternate history, was brought out in June in hardcover by Pocket Books.  Out in paperback were Star Trek The Next Generation Section 31: Rogue by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin along with Star Trek Voyager Section 31: Shadow by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith. Pocket Books July releases include in hardcover Sir Apropos of Nothing by Peter David and Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars, Vol 1 The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh by Greg Cox a retelling of the Twentieth Century human genetic engineering Chrysalis Project featuring not only the infamous Khan but another TOS favorite Gary Seven.  A paperback tie in with the recently released Final Fantasy movie The Spirits Within by Dean Wesley Smith is now out along with Section 31: Abyss (ST:Deep Space Nine) by Jeffrey Lang & David Weddle.

Roc is bringing out in hardcover in July Once Upon a Winter's Night by Dennis L. McKiernan a fairy-tale like fantasy. Paperbacks will include Alien Taste   by Wen Spencer and The Glasswrights' Progress a follow up to Mindy L. Klasky’s The Glasswrights’ Apprentice.

St. Martins Press released in June works designed to appeal to a variety of interests.  For media buffs in hardcover (under LA Weekly Books) is If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce Campbell recently interviewed by associate Tony Tellado, check out our link to Sci Fi Talk for this and other SF related audio interviews.  A collection by SFWA Grand Master Brian Aldiss, Supertoys Last All Summer Long which includes the title story which Stanley Kubrick optioned fifteen years ago that Steven Speilberg’s new movie AI was based on and two follow up stories plus other unrelated short pieces was out in a trade edition.  In paperback was Meet Me at Infinity a collection of the fiction and nonfiction of Alice Sheldon a.k.a. James Tiptree, Jr.  With an introduction by Jeffrey D. Smith it has been described as less a book by Tiptree than one about her and includes essays, stories and articles.   

In June Tor also released a diverse selection of novels and short story collections.  In hardcover was 50 in 50: A Collection of Short Stories One for Each of Fifty Years by Harry Harrison, a varied and interesting compilation running the gamut of SF related sub genres and annotated with extensive story notes.  Also out was another collection of classic tales, The SWFA Grand Masters Volume Three edited by Frederik Pohl containing works by Lester Del Rey, Damon Knight, Pohl, A.E. Van Vogt and Jack Vance.  Other hardcovers included several fantasy novels – Kushiel’s Dart by first time novelist Jacqueline Carey the book cover for which proclaims it to be a novel of passion, magic and betrayal, Knight or Knave: The Book of the Oak second in the Oak, Ash and Rowan series by veteran master storyteller Andre Norton and co-author Sasha Miller, The Merlin of the Oak Wood Ann Chamberlin’s book two of the Joan of Arc Tapestries and book four in L.E. Modesitt’s Spellsong Cycle, The Shadow Sorceress.  Also released was The Storm of Heaven, Oath of Empire Book Three by Campbell Award nominee Thomas Harlan and a near-future hard science thriller by Paul J. McAuley, The Secret of Life which our reviewer John Berlyne thought highly of when it came out in January in the UK.  Two paperback editions of particular interest from Tor in June were In the Upper Room and Other Likely Stories by Nebula and Hugo award winning author Terry Bisson who besides being a terrific short story writer is an interesting and entertaining speaker (we caught his talk in May at an SFABC meeting in NJ) and an omnibus of James White Sector General books, Beginning Operations which brings together the first three novels of this popular series – Hospital Station, Star Surgeon and Major Operation.  Check in the SFRevu archives for Ernest’s reviews of the first and last Sector General novels and an interview with James White the year before he died. (Issue 2.11 – Nov’98).

Out in July from Tor in hardcover are Dervish Is Digital by Pat Cadigan, the next segment of Piers Anthony’s autobiography How Precious Was That While picking up where he left off in Bio of an Ogre, the ninth installment of the Taltos series Issola by Steven Brust, Probability Sun by Nancy Kress a follow-up to last year’s Probability Moon, Starlight 3 edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden the latest release in this prestigious series of original science fiction and fantasy, Terraforming Earth by Jack Williamson who coined the term terraforming in 1942 and, the newest episode in the popular fantasy series by Christopher Stasheff,  A Wizard in a Feud.  July’s paperbacks include Empire and Ecolitan a reprinting of two L.E. Modesitt, Jr. titles The Ecologic Operation and The Ecologic Secession in a single edition and Vanishing Acts: A Science Fiction Anthology edited by Ellen Datlow a collection of 15 stories and a poem the central theme of which is endangered species – of all sorts - plant, animal, human and alien.  This book by the way is scheduled to be discussed in a panel at Worldcon this year.

Joining the ranks of Tolkien related book releases being published this year building up to the much anticipated movie release later this year, from Watson-Guptill in July are two editions of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years by Gregory Hildebrandt, Jr.  In addition to a limited edition signed and numbered hardcover a paperback/poster version of the story behind the best-selling 1970’s Hildebrandt brothers Lord of the Rings calendars is coming out which includes all the paintings from the best-selling 1976, 1977, and 1978 calendars plus the original sketches for the paintings.

Wizards of the Coast’s Betrayal: The Dhamon Saga Volume Two by Jean Rabe was a new hardcover featuring characters from the Dragons of a New Age trilogy published in June.  The publisher also released in paperback Apocalypse Invasion Cycle, Book III by J. Robert King which provides back story behind the Magic: The Gathering trading card game and The Crab by Stan Brown, the 5th novel in a seven book series with a storyline based on decisions made by fans during trading card game tournaments.  July’s offerings include in paperback Dragon's Bluff by Mary H Herbert another in the Crossroads series exploring areas of the Dragonlance world and Servant of the Shard (Paths of Darkness) a Forgotten Realms novel by R.A. Salvatore.