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if you ever planned to travel west, take the highway that's the by way, that's the best...Ern spent the summer on Route 66.

Damnaliens DVD by Steve Sawicki - We don't recommend watching TV in the pool, but Sawicki brings you some cool picks to chill out with.

Summer Film Preview
8/6 Osmosis Jones (2001)
8/8 Spy Kids (2001)
8/24 Ghosts of Mars (2001)
8/31 Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Film Reviews: There's a theme here if you look. All these films are about non humans, usually pushing us aside. Is somebody trying to tell us something?
Final Fantasy
Cats and Dogs
Planet of The Apes


Event: SFRA
They may think of Science Fiction as serious literature, but that doesn't mean that the annual meeting of the Science Fiction Research Association isn't any fun...

LASFS Meeting While I was on the west coast, I decided to drop in on one of the longest running SF Clubs around...

SFTV - Summer used to be a no man's land of reruns...but with 4 million channels, can there really be nothing on?

Roswell, NM: Here There Be Aliens
Taking a break from my Route 66 trip, I stopped off to visit America's first Alien Spaceport...
NEW! Canadian Report by Asta Sinusas
US Book Releases by Sharon Archer 
UK June  / UK Jul-Aug Book Releases by John Berlyne 
Book Reviews: 
Curse of Chalion
Day and Night of the Triffids
The Thirteenth Scroll
The Fablesinger
Dulcinea or Wizardry A-Flute
The Serpent's Shadow
Children of the Shaman
Something More