October-November Movie Previews by David Marsh
image 10/19 From Hell (2001)
10/21 Enigma (2001) (Hamptons International Film Festival
10/24 Bones (2001)
10/26 13 Ghosts (2001)
10/26 K-PAX (2001)
10/31 Scary Tales (2001)
11/02 Monsters, Inc. (2001)
11/06 Raptor (2001)

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imageBy the prickling of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes...Of course, that's hardly a surprise since it's almost Halloween. So, once a year we relent and pay homage to Fantasy's dumber and darker brother...Horror. Some of us didn't need reality's reminder that life can be pretty horrific itself and that horror is a lame excuse for entertainment. 

Fortunately, Monster's Inc. is about to do for monsters under the bed what "The Flat Eyed Monster", William Tenn's great short story about what happens when aliens take a human home to study, did for the "Bug Eyed Monster genre." Disney has assembled a fantastic cast here, including Billy Crystal, John Goodman and Jennifer Tilly. Even James Coburn is in this one. I'm hoping they had enough left over to actually buy a script. 

imageJohhny Depp is in "From Hell", Snoop Doggy Dog (someday that man is going to wake up and realize he chose a name suitable only for a cartoon character) stars in "Bones", which isn't about dog treats, but about ghostly revenge in the hood. 

Then there's "Thirteen Ghosts" or as it will probably show up on marquees: "Thir13en Ghosts" whose' mini- synopsis, "A man and his daughter live in a haunted house", brings back Eddie Murphy's classic routine in which he asks why white folks are too stupid to get out?

If you have trouble with following long horror plots, try "Scary Tales", a horror anthology coming out a few days after you've had a chance to get sick on candy. 

imageThe blurry line between Horror and Science fiction is crossed by our own skeleton in the closet...the "B Monster Movie". It looks like there's an ample serving of gore and scientific absurdity clawing it's way towards us in "Raptor", which from the trailer looks like a cross between "Night of the Lupus" and "Jurassic Park" done with all the finesse of "The Blair Witch Project." It's thirty feet tall, has teeth than can tear you in half...and it's hungry. Yes, it wants your money. (Oops. I got suckered in...it's coming out on video)

Not Quite Science Fiction, being a historical techno- thriller with a bit of romance thrown in to to things interesting, is Enigma, a movie about the cracking of the German code machine in WWII. Fans of Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon might want to check this out.

The good news is for sciffy fans is K-PAX, sort of a Disneyfied version of Starman meets 12 Monkeys. Note that the Starman himself, good ol' Jeff Bridges, signed on as the straight man for this one and Kevin Spacey, who is a heck of an actor is the man who fell to Earth. I doubt that it's going to be stunning, but it should have cross audience appeal and a certain amount of fun in its favor. Maybe a little fun isn't such a bad idea.