Canadian Report – November 2001
by Asta Sinusas

Apparently, the Land of the Maple Leaf is a hotbed of terrorist activity these days. There are frequent anthrax scares and post office closings, although there have been no confirmed cases to date.  I hope the Mounties get the pranksters that are causing all these problems. In the meantime, I forgive them for delaying my mail.

There are two Canadian books being released this month….

Lyskarion: The Song Of The Wind by J. A. Cullum (Edge SF & F/ 1894063023/ $13.95) Original trade paperback. The first novel from this house was nominated for the inaugural Sunburst Award and the company bears close watching. For more info go to

Tales From The Wonderzone: Stardust edited by Julie Czerneda. (Trifolium Books/ 1552440184 / C$14.95/$11.95) Original trade paperback. An anthology of science fiction with selections by Annette Griessman, Mark Leslie, Alison Baird, James Van Pelt, & Beverley J. Meincke. For ages 9 and up and just in time for early holiday "What the heck do  I get the nieces and nephews?" panic attacks. For more info go to

Green Music by Ursual Pflug (Tesseracts Books) was supposed to be due out this month, but now has a short delay.  Iterations by Robert Sawyer (Quarry Press) is also lost somewhere out there.  Stay tuned…

South of the 49th 
(books published by Canadian authors at American houses but available in Canada)

Psychohistorical Crisis by Donald Kingsbury (Tor/ 0312861028 / C$38.95/ $27.95)

Hope all of you merrymakers at the World Fantasy Convention in Montreal had fun. For a list of the awards, go to And, for those who launched books at the convention, I hope they will come full circle and be nominated in 2002!

As always, if you have a publishing tidbit for me from the Great White North, please share it by emailing

P.S. Congrats to Bakka for finding a new home with Red Deer Press. (We’ve been so worried) Hey – isn’t that where Tesseracts is too? Do I smell a monopoly forming?