Editorial License - Potter? Harry Potter?  What are we coming to? (Ernest and Sharon ascend the soapbox to bring you our editorial points of view.)

DVD Report - Steve selflessly subjects himself to more DVDs to give you something to watch after you load up on Turkey.

Market Reports:
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UK Books
Canadian Books
 NEW! Comics Column
Daniel Dern joins us to bring you a look into the world of Comics and Graphic Novels. He promises to look for the Sciffy side of Comics.

Film Preview

Events/Cons: World Fantasy Convention

SFMedia: K-Pax / Monsters, Inc.
 / Harry Potter Movie
/ Smallville / Star Trek - The Motion Picture - The Director's Ed

A Harry Potter Primer -
If you Haven't read the Hugo Winning, world changing Harry Potter books, Catherine McMullen will bring you up to speed before you see the  movie.

Spider Robinson Interview /
Free Lunch Review
Spider turns out to be as much fun in person as his stories are in print. 

Book Reviews:

UK: Thraxas and the Sorcerers by Martin Scott
Shamanspace by Steve Aylett

US: Borrowed Tides by Paul Levinson

Martian Knightlife by James Hogan

A Woman's Liberation by Ursula LeGuin

The Collected Stories of  Vernor Vinge by Vernor Vinge