Editorial License: 'Bout Changes and Things - by Ernest Lilley (Editor)

Getting this issue done was even more of a down to the wire affair than usual.

Not  because the SFRevu Staff and contributors were behind schedule...they all did a terrific job meeting deadlines and I hope you enjoy the fruits of their labors herein. 

Nope, the delay was caused by a slew of changes and things going on in my life.

You see, in just a few days ( New Year's Eve, or technically 1/1/2002) I'll be getting married to my longtime flame, friend, and incidentally SFReview contributor, EJ McClure. 

Over the course of the last month, and with more than a little help from my friends, I packed up my life and towed it in a U-Haul trailer from Northern NJ to Mayport, Florida where I'll be settling in for the next few months before moving again. Among other things, I left a perfectly good job at a Biotech corporation for the vagaries of journalism in the tech sector, mostly because it would give me more flexibility to work with EJ's Navy career, but also because it's a challenge I'm looking forward to meeting.

Between the move, wedding preparations, holiday preparations, and some oral surgery...it's been a very busy month.

So, that's my story. More importantly, it's the end of another year for SFRevu, and it's certainly been our best year yet. We've kept issues coming through all sorts of adversity, added a bunch of new features (like Daniel Dern's Comics Column which debuted last month) and we've got plans for more and better content for next year.

Major thanks go to SFRevu's Associate Editors: Sharon Archer (US/Production) and John Berlyne (UK) for the high quality of work they've turned out this past year. They've been terrific, and I'm really grateful. 

Of course, the zine wouldn't be half as much fun without the contributions of Steve Sawicki, Asta Sinusas or David Marsh and I'm buying the next round when we're together at a con...probably Boskone, where EJ and I are on the program to do a Fannish Wedding Reception the first Friday.

I'd like to stop and thank everyone associated with SFRevu, and beyond that to everyone in the SF community, Pro or Fan (or both) for all the support they've given us over the years. I wish I could thank each of you by name, but I'd miss somebody and be in bigger trouble than usual, so please...count yourself thanked.

2002 looks like a year that will be as good as we make it. The economy should rebound, though probably not radically, and we'll have to figure out how to live with the arrival of threats that until now existed mainly in our reading than in reality. But cope we will. If being a part of a community that looks to the future has any value, it should be that we are ready to face the arrival of whatever comes next and help others make sense of it.

We are not just spectators of the passage of time and the advance of technology, we're experts in things to come, and we've got to get out and share that expertise with others who were less prepared for the future, good and bad.

Lastly, as a web based publication, let me remind you that this year, for the first time, there will be a Web Hugo awarded at the WorldCon in San Diego. There are a number of worthy candidates out there and we'd like to see this category supported by as many voters as possible. And, oh yes...we'd like to be nominated (or better) ourselves.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Best Wishes to All...

Ernest Lilley
Editor - SFRevu