Canadian Report – February 2002
by Asta Sinusas

South of the 49th: books published by Canadian authors at American houses but available in Canada:

The Black Chalice by Marie Jakober  (Ace Books/ 0441008968/C$22.00/$15) Trade Paperback 2nd edition.

The little book that could – shortlisted for the Sunburst Award, and enthusiastically reviewed, this book was the debut novel for Edge Publishing. 

To all those that rushed out to buy Robert Sawyer’s Iterations, you don’t have to cart the book everywhere with you! Some of the stories in the collection can be viewed at, Sawyer’s personal site.

Finally, my apologies to Terence Green for not including his book, St. Patrick’s Bed, in my October column. In my defense, the marketing copy for the book was very misleading. Think I’m joking? Take a look below and tell me that there are any supernatural hints to tip off fantasy readers. Memo to self: Judge a book not by what the publisher tells you about it. However, the author does have a wonderful site at so check both it and the book out – and please do take my word for it.

 “In Canadian writer Terence M. Green's widely-acclaimed novel, Shadow of Ashland, Leo Nolan went to Ashland, Kentucky in 1984 to search for his mother's lost brother. He found not only his uncle, but a wife and child for himself. Now it is the late 1990s and his stepson Adam wants to track down and meet the father who abandoned him before he was born. Leo figures maybe he ought to find him first, just to check him out. Jeanne and Leo both want the best for Adam, but they are also trying to have a child together late in life. These two story lines intertwine and reinforce each other in this lyrical and affecting new novel.”

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