May 3rd - It's webslingin time!

Editorial License: Don't rush me...I'm thinking.

What's Out This Month:
US Books- Sharon Archer looks at more new books than you can shake a stick at. UK Books - A lot of brilliant SF comes out of the UK, and we've got John Berlyne on the scene to find it for us. Canadian SF:Asta discovers the secret of Trifolium Books. DVD - Sawicki's still grumbling about the Oscars. Maybe that's why his DVD list this month is so horror laden... Comics - Daniel salutes Spider-Man and tells us about Free Comic Book Day! SFTV - Check out the schedules for all those shows you never quite catch. Don't forget to watch the premier of Dinotopia on Sunday, May 12th.


Send in the Clones...

Film Futures with David Marsh: Can Spider-Man hold off the Attack of the Clones? Could the Scoprion King take on Jason X? David Marsh may not know the answer either, but read his column anyway.

Events/Cons: Lunacon 49-I Con 2002 - Upcoming Cons - Dixon Place Reading

SFMedia: Ice Age - This is the strangest herd I've ever been part of.
Blade II - Snipes is back to make the undead deader...

Upcoming SF Films

4 17 Space Station (IMAX)
4 19 The Scorpion King
4 19 Mutant Aliens (animation)
4 26 Jason X
5 3 Spider-Man
5 16 Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

Articles/Features: John Berlyne brings us an interview with one of the UKs fastest rising stars as well as a review of his latest work. Interview: China Miéville
Featured Book:  The Scar by China Miéville

Book Reviews:
US Books:
Spiderman by Peter David
Nebula Award Showcase 2002 Kim Stanley Robinson, Editor
Gates of Sleep by Mercedes Lackey
Galveston by Sean Stewart
Saucer by Steven Coonts
The Red Star by Christian Gossett and Brad Kayl

UK Books:  
Dark Thane by Miller Lau
Effendi by Jon Courtenay-Grimwood