Canadian Report Ė March-April 2002
by Asta Sinusas

Canadian publisher publishes SF!

orbitercb.jpg (23809 bytes)Tales From The Wonderzone: Orbiter edited by Julie Czerneda
Price: Canada $16.95/ US $13.95)
Trade paperback.
Trifolium Books; ISBN 1552440206 
Contributors are: Eric Choi, Annette Griessman, Mark Canter, Jean-Louis Trudel, Anne Bishop, with a Special Introduction by David Brin.

Tales From the Wonder Zone: Stardust edited by Julie Czerneda
CANADA $14.95/US $11.95
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN: 1-55244-018-4

Tales From The Wonderzone: Explorer
edited by Julie Czerneda.
Price: Canada $14.95/ US $11.95) Trade paperback.
Trifolium Books; ISBN 1552440206
Contributors are: Derwin Mak, Pat York, Marcel Gagnť, Isaac Szpindel, James Alan Gardner, with a Special Introduction by C.J. Cherryh

Yes, Harry Potter is the savior of literacy whose appearance has given the masses a new messiah and there is the addition of the Lord of the Rings popularity. However, these books are fantasy and while certainly enjoyable, have no didactic substance. To this end, Trifolium Books has teamed up with Julie Czerneda and created a resource (fancy Canadian educational term meaning textbook) for the classroom because one of the coolest ways to get kids interested in science is through science fiction. The collections expose children to a range of harder SF authors while at the same time improving scientific literacy. The credit goes to the authors in the Wonderzone collection for seamlessly blending science lessons and a host of open-ended questions designed to promote critical thinking into their stories and raising the larger questions of technology in society. While the suggested age group is nine and up they are written by authors who know their stuff and the ideas resonate far beyond fifth grade imagination. Meant for the classroom, the anthologies are able to stand on their own as books for kids and are available for individual sale. For more info go to

Below the 49th: SF books by Canadian authors that are available in Canada but published by US houses.

A Dragonís Ascension by Ed Greenwood (Tor/0765302225/$C35.95/$25.95) Hardcover. Book 3 in The Band of Four series. I havenít finished this fantasy but itís got all the elements you all know and love. Fans of Greenwood wonít be disappointed.

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