Apologies to our favorite Web-Slinger,
but this month we've got a Star Wars Special with movie, book, and game reviews! Not to mention a visit to a Star Wars museum exhibition. Columnwise there's: US Books
- Sharon Archer looks at more new books than you can shake a stick at. UK Books - A lot of brilliant SF comes out of the UK, and we've got John Berlyne on the scene to find it for us. Canadian SF: Asta finds that  It's Better To Have Loved at a NYC reading. DVD - Steve was abducted by aliens...but we're negotiating for his release and expect to have him back soon. SFTV - Check out the schedules for all those shows you never quite catch

Star Wars: The Magic Of Myth at the Brooklyn Museum of Art
from April 5th through June 17th make your Star Wars experience complete - see our photo exhibit, and tour the NASM website..

Comics - Daniel back with an eclectic mix and some recommendations  Upcoming Films - Haven't you seen enough by now? This might be a good time to read a book.

    June Films
6 14 Scooby-Doo
6 21 Minority Report
6 21 Lilo & Stitch (animation)
6 25 Hypercube: Cube 2

20020420 I-CON 090.jpg
Events/Cons: Conventions I-CON 21 Report by Asta Sinusas and Pictures by Ernest Lilley

SFMedia: Sure, you expected us to cover Spider-Man, but you didn't expect Keith DeCandido to do the review, and you  knew we'd review Star Wars II: The Attack of the Clones as soon as it came out, but you didn't expect The Chronology Protection Case then again, neither did we. We wouldn't want to upset WW's "The Rock", so we've also got a Scorpion King review.

Games: Steve Uribe joins us to sample the best SF and Fantasy games. What could be more fitting to start with than Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Articles/Features: Interview: Ben Bova Interview
Featured Book:  Rock Rats by Ben Bova
Foriegn Feature:
Ovidiu Bufnila - Romanian SF Writer

Book Reviews:
US Books:

Diplomatic Immunity by Lois Bujold
DAW: Thirty Years of SF
Daw: Thirty Years of Fantasy
Permanence by Karl Schroeder
Hominids by Robert Sawyer
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones
Better To Have Loved
A Quest Lovers Treasury of the Fantastic Margaret Weis, ed.

UK Books:  
The Standing Dead by Ricardo Pinto (review and interview by Iain Emsley)