Canadian Report - May 2002
By Asta Sinusas
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Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril by Judith Merril and Emily Pohl-Weary
(Between the Lines/ 1896357571/C$29.95) original trade paperback. Available currently at (see my review this issue)

I caught up with Emily at a reading she did in NYC for the book and was surprised that some of the people paying tribute were prominent SF personalities that I recognized including Ellen Datlow, Gordon VanGelder, Brian Cholfin, Kelly Link and David Hartwell. After the reading, Emily asked if anyone wanted to say a few words. David Hartwell got up, and told of a woman introducing herself to him as Judith Merril at a con. “That’s nice, dear,” he replied blithely. Well, Judith, instead of being offended, was thrilled that her time in Canada had made her slip below the radar of New York City.

David Hartwell shares a JM anecdote at the reading. (photo Asta Sinusas)

Below the 49th: SF books by Canadian authors that are available in Canada but published by US houses.

Hominids by Robert Sawyer (Tor/0312876920/C$35.95/$25.95)
Robert Sawyer begins a new trilogy of parallel evolution with this story about a modern day Neanderthal (he a physicist) that gets plucked from his alternate universe and dropped off in a Canadian physics lab.(see my review this issue)

Permanence by Karl Schroder (Tor/076530371X/C$35.95/$27.95)
The acclaimed author of Ventus
(see our Dec 2000 Review) is back to stay with a novel of deep space habitats, alien artifacts and the conflict between expansion and steady state civilizations. Editor Ern recommends it highly. (see Ernest's review this issue)

Mindworlds by Phyllis Gotlieb (Tor/0312878761/C$34.95/$24.95)
Hailed by Robert Sawyer as the "grande dame" of Canadian SF, Phyllis Gotleib returns with the much awaited conclusion to the far future trilogy that started with Flesh and Gold and continued through Violent Stars. We'll be bringing you a review soon.

Having two important Canadian SF women writers come out with books in the same month, one must draw parallels. I think Phyllis, being the first Canadian member of SFWA, is more like Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon. (One small step for SF – one giant leap for Canadian women writers.) Of course, I’d have Judith Merril play the astronaut and statesman role of John Glenn – in her case, writer, editor and anthologist.

Just a side note, there’s been a minor commotion at GDS (they must have just found those “extra” expenses I put in for when I worked there in 1999). As a result, the fate of Stoddart as well as its subsidiary and related imprints, are in jeopardy. I am sure a number of Canadian published SF titles will be affected. First among the casualties is West of January, a reprint of David Duncan’s classic, formerly due out this month from Bakka Books. Sources are optimistic that it will be a short delay. In the meantime, you could check out Hugo's New Home Brew, Edited by Don Bassie and Karen Bennett, which is on sale through the Made in Canada website Proceeds benefit their quest for a new domain name.

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