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It's been 5 years since our first issue, and that seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. Join me as I look back to the beginning and ahead to the future of SFRevu. - Ernest Lilley, Editor
Columns: US Books - Get ready for your summer reading as Sharon Archer tells us what's out this month. UK Books - John Berlyne is our man on the scene to scope out seminal UKSF. Canadian SF: Asta decides that Gordon Dickson rates as a Canadian and more. DamnAlien DVD - Steve Sawicki actually is in Canada this month, but his heart is in Cannes - you've got to read his column. Comics - Daniel's got  list of must read comics for you.  Upcoming Films - Haven't you seen enough by now? This might be a good time to read a book.

 John Berlyne takes us to the Clarke Awards
and Ernest takes in the sights ato Balticon 36.
SFMedia: "Everybody Runs"
is the tagline from the latest Philip K. Dick screen adaptation, this time by Steven Speilberg. Should you? See what David Marsh has to say in Minority Report.

Other Mediums: We take a look at the Moon with the Artemis Spring 2002 issue and find that it's made of good stories and articles, not green cheese. Amy Harlib looks as the graphic novel Rose by Jeff Smith

Games: Steve Uribe finds that some games should play dead as he reviews Interplay's latest X-Box title:
Hunter: The Reckoning.
Radio: Don Smith asks for listeners to support a Comics show in Nuff Said

Articles/Features: Feature Interview: Jude Fisher
Feature Review: Sorcery Rising

Book Reviews:

US Books:
Charisma by Steven Barnes
Conan the Liberator
Going for Infinity Poul Anderson
The Golden Age by John C. Wright
Light Music by Kathleen Ann Goonan
Mindworlds by Phyllis Gotlieb

Sanctuary by Lynn Abbey
Shattered Sky by Neal Shusterman
The Star Wars Trilogy 25th Anniv.
Tainted Trail by Wen Spencer

UK Books:  
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer