Nuff Said! Still Has More to Say!
Editorial by Don E. Smith, Jr.

I was a WBAI supporter when I listened to them NYC. There's no question that BAI and the Pacifica Foundation provide an alternative to just about everybody else on the airwaves. We understand that they have to make decisions about how to get enough money from listeners to just survive. That's a hard reality. If Comics are important to you, and if you're in their listening area (or even if you're no), the best way to support a show is to pledge your support to the station and to make your feelings known at the same time. - Ernest Lilley - Editor SFRevu.

A New York City comic book pillar, of nearly a decade, will cease to be if fans do not jump to its support in droves. According to host Ken Gale, the comic book radio show – ‘Nuff Said!, on New York City’s public supported WBAI 99.5 FM, is being canceled.

Gale has hosted ‘Nuff Said! for nine years with either former host, Ed Menje, or current co-host, artist Mercy Van Vlack.

According to Gale, he says the program director is not canceling the show because of low ratings.

“Bernard White, program director, says the show has a ‘small audience’ and was ‘narrowly-focused,’" says Gale in a phone interview.

However Gale believes it is because of a deeper issue.

“There is a large prejudice against comic books and I think the program director has bought into it. He thinks all comic books are about super heroes. Most people think of a particular content not a particular art form,” says Gale.

Gale says the ratings support the show. “In every ratings book I have seen, our ratings have been good,” says Gale.

The topics ‘Nuff Said! covers goes from the local to the international.

“I had Ted Rall, who wrote To Afghanistan and Back, on discussing his book,” says Gale.

According to Ted Rall’s website,, To Afghanistan and Back is described as “a 50-page graphic novel relating Ted's foray into the war zone during November-December 2001 to write for The Village Voice and report for KFI Radio in Los Angeles.”

Gale also talks about some of the other ‘narrowly focused topics’ ‘Nuff Said! deals with on a regular basis.

“We have covered racism, sexism, censorship, independent thought versus corporate control, quite a few environmental issues, war and peace issues, gay rights, nationalism, religion, spirituality, terrorism, literacy, education, freedom of speech, relationships, love, sex, language, foreign relations, dozens of historical topics, copyright and trademark law, the internet, all types of music from opera to jazz to folk to R&B to punk, mass media, corporate responsibility, workers’ rights, creators’ rights, diversity and, of course, techniques in art and writing,” says Gale.

Non-comic book fans end up supporting WBAI because of ‘Nuff Said! “People have walked up to me and said, ‘I don’t read comic books but I love your show,’” Gale laughs. ‘Nuff Said! also has big named guests.

“We had Mark Hamill on talking comic books and we had Harlan Ellison,” Gale says.

‘Nuff Said! actually traces its roots in another WBAI show “The Hour of the Wolf” hosted and produced by Jim Freund ( ). 

According to Gale, he was doing a music show with former partner Ed Menje, a former comic book inker.

“I guest hosted for Hour of the Wolf. We had Jim Shooter on and every line was lit. We decided to air it on ‘Monsters from the Id,’ our music show, and it then changed into ‘Nuff Said!” says Gale.

Amy Harlib, who reviews for SFRevu, Simegen (, and the Comic book Net Newsletter (, says ‘Nuff Said! played an important part in her literary career.

"I used to perform a one-woman martial arts show; before that I did artwork and competed in costume contests for a variety of Science Fiction/Fantasy/Comic book conventions. Eventually, I was sidelined by physical injuries. About three years ago, I started listening to 'Nuff Said! and it reawakened my love for comics. I am into graphic novels now in addition to my long-standing love for Science Fiction & Fantasy and I write a regular review column for ComicBookNet."

Gale urges fans to call or write the radio station and e-mail Bernard White, the program director.

You can do so at:

Bernard White, program director
c/o WBAI 99.5 FM
120 Wall Street 10th Floor
New York, New York 10005

Or e-mail him at:   

At this time - a request for an interview was not returned from WBAI’s program director.

Ken Gale can be reached at for any further information about keeping ‘Nuff Said! on the air.  


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