May 2002 SF Movie Previews by David Marsh

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Same Planet. New Scum. July 3rd.

6 21 Minority Report
6 21 Lilo & Stitch (animation)
6 25 Hypercube: Cube 2
7 3

Men In Black II

7 3

Reign of Fire

7 3

The Powerpuff Girls

7 19

Eight Legged Freaks

Film News: Card's 'Ender's Game' coming to screen - Variety reports that Warner Bros. and "The Perfect Storm" director Wolfgang Petersen have made a deal to bring Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" and "Ender's Shadow" to the screen. Card will write the first script draft, and Petersen will take it from there. The author is also working on computer and video games based on the series.  Peterson also directed 'The Neverending Story,' which was about a little boy saving the world, and Card said that his own children grew up on that film, so he had confidence in the directors ability to work with and reach children.

Upcoming Films: - it's a freaky month ahead on the big screen.
covercoverIf you're not careful, you'll get locked up for a murder you haven't committed yet like Tom Cruise in the much hyped Minority Report, or wind up adopting an alien for a housepet (Lilo & Stitch (animation)).

covercoverWorse things could happen though, I suppose. Imagine that you wake up in a cubeshaped room with a bunch of other strangers and realize you're stuck in the sequel to Cube, which is the idea in Hypercube: Cube 2. Or you've managed to erase the memory of the only agent who has a chance of stopping this week's alien invasion and you have to get it back - Men In Black II.

covercoverEven worse yet, what if your mom accidentally woke up a Fire Breathing Dragon and it scoured the Earth of human civilization in a blistering Reign of Fire? That would get your attention, wouldn't it? Well, if that thought doesn't keep you up nights, Little Miss Muffet, keep your eyes peeled for Eight Legged Freaks, an update on the classic Sci-Fi Overgrown Bug Horror flick about to hatchcover at a theater near you. Just keep in mind that the number one cause of death in 1950s Sci-Fi Horror films was running in high-heels.

If you are wearing high heels, then about the only thing you can hope for would be a trio of superheroes to save the day. Fortunately, The Powerpuff Girls are leaping off cable and onto the Silver Screen to do just that. If you don't know who they are'll probably never find out.

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