UK June 2002 Releases by John Berlyne
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June turns out to be somewhat less than a bumper month with some of our major publishers not releasing anything at all. However, all is not lost, as there are a number of very notable releases hitting UK book stores this month.

To begin with one of our features books. . . Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident is the follow-up to Eoin Colfer's massively successful 2001 novel, Artemis Fowl. Aimed at younger readers, this is huge fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Published by Viking Children's books, The Arctic Incident is a hardcover priced at £12.99 - be sure to check out my review in this issue (see review).

My other review this issue is of Sorcery Rising, the new fantasy novel by editor turned author Jude Fisher. This is an excellent piece of work and Iain Emsley's interview with the author is a fascinating insight into how on of the UK's top genre editors is finding life on the other side of the fence (see review). Sorcery Rising is published by Earthlight in both hard cover (£17.99) and trade paperback (£10.99). Earthlight's other release this month is Lord Soho by Richard Calder. Described as a "Time Opera" and with "On my twenty-first birthday I killed a man. It was during my maiden speech in the Lords." as its tag line, this looks like very interesting prospect indeed. Lord Soho is a paperback original priced at £6.99.

Macmillan publish The Borrible Trilogy by Michael de Larrabeiti. This collection of three novels is a long overdue reissue of de Larrbeiti's seminal urban fantasy series - works hailed by many writers, including China Miéville, as being a huge influence on their work. The Borrible Trilogy is issued in trade paperback, priced at £12.99.

From Orbit comes the opening novel in a new epic fantasy series by US author James Clemens. Wit'ch Fire is the first novel in The Banned and the Banished series and is a paperback original priced at £6.99. The second book entitled Wit'ch Storm will follow in December. More fantasy from Julia Gray is also published by Orbit - The Red Glacier continues as the fourth book in her Guardian Cycle. This is also a paperback original priced at £7.99. One of Orbit's big name writers, the British fantasy humorist Tom Holt has a new novel out - Little People is a hard cover priced at £16.99. Also published in mass market is Holt's previous novel, Falling Sideways. This is priced at £6.99. Finally from orbit in June comes The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. Written by Jordan along with Teresa Patterson, this should provide an excellent companion piece for the many fans of Jordan's massive (both in scope and commercial terms) saga (which was re-issued in its entirety by Orbit only recently). This is a paperback priced at £7.99.

New from HarperCollins/Voyager is book two in the Legends of the Riftwar series. Murder in Lamut is written by Raymond E. Feist, this time in collaboration with Joel Rosenberg. This is a hard cover release priced at £17.99. The Bone Doll's Twin, the highly acclaimed novel by Lynne Flewelling seen in the US last year receives its UK release. This is a paperback original priced at £6.99. Also in paperback comes Peril's Gate, the third book in the Alliance of Light series by Janny Wurts. This edition is priced at  £7.99.

In the Voyager Classics series, more of the excellent HarperCollins back list is reissued. The Power that Preserves, the third novel in the unforgettable Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever by Stephen Donaldson is published priced £8.99 - as is The Ruby Knight by David Eddings, Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness and Michael Marshall Smith's Philip K. Dick Award winning debut novel Only Forward.

For alternate history fans, Hodder & Stoughton publish Stars and Stripes Triumphant - the third novel in the Stars and Stripes series by Harry Harrison. This one lends a whole new meaning to the special relationship between our two countries!! A hard cover, this is priced at £18.99. Also from H&S comes The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer : My Life at Rose Red edited by Joyce Reardon, Ph.D. Stephen King wrote Rose Red as a US TV series (it has yet to reach these shores) and there is indeed some speculation as to who the true author of this work is. Certainly King fans might want to add this title to their already, no doubt, groaning book shelves.  My Life at Rose Red is a hardcover published at £12.99.

There is no speculation as to who authored Dreamcatcher. King's most recent novel length blockbuster (see my review here (see review)) is now published in the UK in mass market paperback, issued by the New English Library at £6.99.

British writer James Lovegrove receives a long overdue repackage and reissue from Gollancz this month. Best known for his recent novel The Foreigners and his association with Peter Crowther (Escardy Gap and the excellent PS Publishing novella, How The Other Half Lives) it is his debut novel, The Hope (first published in 1990) that is released in trade paperback priced at £6.99. Also published is a short story collection, Imagined Slights. This too is priced at £6.99. Also from Gollancz comes the brand new novel from their Arthur C. Clarke Award winning author Gwyneth Jones (see my report on the Clarke's in this issue see event coverage). Castles Made of Sand is a direct sequel to Bold as Love and looks set to be just as successful. It is released in trade paperback and priced at £9.99. I believe a hard cover may also be released.

Other Gollancz June releases serve to show off their impressive array of British talent, both new and old. Adam Robert's second novel, On is published in mass market paperback (£6.99). (His new novel Stone is scheduled for release next month. British Summertime by Paul Cornell is published in both hard cover (£16.99) and trade paperback (£9.99) along with the mass market reissue of his previous novel Something More (£6.99). The Way of Light by Storm Constantine is published in paperback at £6.99, and Michael Moorcock's The Chronicles of Corum becomes the latest title in the Fantasy Masterworks series (£6.99). Only one lone US author creeps into the June releases and that is Terry Goodkind with the trade paperback release of The Pillars of Creation (£11.99) already seen here in hard cover at the end of last year.

The final Gollancz release is the new novel by Alastair Reynolds - one of my favorite home grown authors to emerge in recent years. Following on from the acclaimed novels Revelation Space and Chasm City (see my review and interview) Redemption Ark is released on June 27th, in both hard cover (£17.99) and large format trade paperback (£10.99). I hope to bring you a review of this one in next months issue.

-- John Berlyne

UK Associate Editor

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