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I hadn't been back to Balitmoee since the Worldcon in 1998. I heard it  was right where I left it though, and I thought I'd drop in to see what Balticon was like this year. It was fun. There were lots of Jedi around, many authors to chat with, and friendly fans everywere. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. (continued)

Balticon pictures by Ernest Lilley
Advance elements of The Imperial Klingon Battlefleet (Qor'etlh, qI'tong, Sa'tonq, and qI'tan) pose before their "shuttlecraft" before storming the Wyndham Baltimore.

Brenda Clough (pronounced “kloff”) reads from her July Analog short story, "Tiptoe, on a fencepost”, part of a longer novel about her character Titus Oats and his adventures.
 Jack Chalker didn't read anything, but he was happy to answer questions.


John Norman, the "Outcast of Gor", read a great little short story about an AI with aspirations. Though he says the market isn't interested in publishing him currently, he'd like to come out with a collection he'd call "The Norman Invasions". / Nancy Kress read from her upcoming novel, "Nsoothing Human" coming out in 2003 from Golden Gryphon Press. Evidentially it was too grim for Tor, though I thought it sounded great. By the way...the pribir are coming. / Charles Sheffield read part of an upcoming work, about a physicist called McAndrew...which invalidates the previously published "Complete" McAndrew. Charles tells us that not only is there no such thing as a free lunch, dinner has to be paid for as well (I thought that was what editors were for).

Many strange and/or interesting folk were there...
Phil Foglio, GOH and creator of the comic Girl Genius draws his favorite character while talking about comics and technology. / Dave Kratz talks to author John Ashmead about causality in SF stories. The discussion went round and round. / "Filthy Pierre" tickled the ivories to liven up the lobby.
Paul Levine and Darrell Schweitzer, two wild and crazy guys. / The lovely Jessi is haunted by the specter of death (Carpathian)/ Cory Wallenstein of Robodyssey ( demonstrates a prototype of their educational/experimenter robot.
Yoji  KondoDSCN7277.JPGDSCN7281.JPGDSCN7263.JPG
NASA space booster Yoji Kondo is working on an article about the abandoned Delta X project / Walter Hunt mugs with Dark Wing, he'll have another out shortly. / Editors all: Scott Edelman (Sci-Fi Channel) , Diane Weinstein, and...hey, that's me! (Ernest Lilley - SFRevu).

At times, it looked like a Jedi Council Meeting
Hall Jedi, Fighting Jedi, Fetching Jedi, Watching Jedi, More Jedi stuff than you can shake a light saber at, and the real Jedi Council.

The Balticon Masquerade...a perfect place for aliens to hide out...
Lenny Provenzano was in charge of the masquerade shoot, and nobody does it better.
Tokyo 2084? / Imperial Klingon Battlefleet redux

Pof Snape /   Ambassador from Planet Floro / Vampire Bait


Dance of the Seasons

Smart Girl and Robot / Transporter accident.
Reprising the award winning Twilight Zone menagerie from Worldcon 2001.

And on to the parties!
Party listings, which tower are we in again? I really wanted to go to the "B Movies about the A Bomb" but ran out of half lives, Mad Scientist Jon Singer and friend Tom Whitmore cast about at the UK in 2005 bid party.
Maybe "bean" will be at Arisia, maybe not. / All that glitters is not gold, or maybe it is. / At the SFWA party they presented a consolation award to the winners of this year's election.

(continued from above)

Featured ReaderCon 14
July 12-14, 2002

Guests of Honor: Gwyneth Jones & Octavia E. Butler
Location: Burlington Mass Marriot (Con rate $97 reserve by Jun 20th)

See you there! We'll bring you con Coverage next issue!

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Readercon 14 SF Literary Boston, MA -- July 12-14, 2002
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Dragon-Con 2002 SF Atlanta, GA -- Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2002
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