Artemis Magazine, Science and Fiction for a Space-Faring Age, Spring 2002, Issue #6
Artemis Spring 2002
Publisher: Ian Randal Strock
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Ian's a bit Looney. Has been since I met him a number of years back. It's only in the last two years that he's been that way in print.

He wants to go to the moon, and like lots of us he's not especially happy with the progress we're making towards getting him there. Unlike most of us though, he got up and did something about it.

What he did was to publish Artemis, a Science Fact and Fiction magazine. I picked up the current issue, or I stole it from him at I-Con, I don't remember which, and it's quite good.

The current issue (Spring 2002), features an excellent novelette by author Roxanne Hutton, "Mandy" about an AI, a Space Station, a bartendress, a cargo jock and some Space Pirates. The general quality of the fiction is very good, and besides "Mandy", I especially liked "Moon Rabit" by Michael Payne, a story about a courageous little girl and her pet interface. I will say that the editor seems to have selected a crop of stories about somebody trying to take something over. Maybe it's a pet phobia.

The science articles in Artremis are very readable, and the ideas they present are really exciting. In "Junk Man's Ladder" Henry Cate Jr proposes that we collect the orbital junk left in orbit to use as ballast for a Low Earth Orbit "tether", using differences in orbital velocity at different altitudes to slingshot payloads to the moon, and obtaining the power needed from solar arrays.

Daniel Hatch, a SF writing journalist from Massacheusetts, adds an article on the hard subject of making working in space pay for itself in "Spacebiz: Sustaining the Enterprise". If you have any interest in the High Frontier, you're going to need to know this stuff. Fortunately, Hatch has plenty of experience writing fiction and cover politicians, so he knows how to lay it out like it is without killing us off from boredom.

The editor attended the Return to the Moon III  conference held in Vegas and came back with eight pages of engrossing coverage including a lot of very readable stuff concerning the technology involved in returning to the moon, and what we need to do to stay there...and of course, why. Conference Chairman Dr. Wendell W. Mendell came just short of saying that NASA was ready to lead the charge back to the moon, which few would be ready to believe. Faced with the private sector enthusiasm at the conference, he modified his stance, saying that he was "here to help."

There's even a Design a Lunar Flag Contest you can enter.

Artemis: Spring 2002


Return to the Moon III: Lunar Settlement: The Planning Begins by Ian Randal Strock
Junk Man's Ladder: A Path to the Moon by Henry P. Cate, Jr.
Spacebiz: Sustaining the Enterprise by Daniel Hatch

Mandy by Roxanne Hutton (illustrated by Dominic Harman)
Enter Sandman by Jeff Carlson (illustrated by Brian Schrader)
The Moon Rabbit by Michael H. Payne (illustrated by Steve Adams)
New Fallen by Todd R. Supple (illustrated by Brian Schrader)

The Farthest Notion: Estimated Prophet by Allen M. Steele
Film: . . . But Somebody's Got to Do It by Daniel M. Kimmel

Design a Lunar Flag Contest
Editorial: Cause and Effects by Ian Randal Strock

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Bibliomania: Book Reviews
Cover: Major Tom by David Menehan