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2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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CanVention 22 and the Aurora Awards
If It's Tuesday, this must be TOR

Feature Interview:
Ken Macleod

Feature Review: Cosmonaut Keep by Ken Macleod

BBook Reviews
The Alchemists Door
by Lisa Goldstein
Alternate Generals II
ed by Harry Turtledove
Argonaut by Stanley Schmidt
Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks
The Iron Grail by John Woodstock
The Sacred Pool by L. Warren Douglas
The Sky So Big And Black by John Barnes
Spaceland by Rudy Rucker
Straw Men by
Michael Marshall Smith
Sisters of the Raven by Barbara Hambly
To Trade The Stars by Julie E. Czerneda
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Graphic Novel:
Murder Mysteries. Original short story and radio play by Neil Gaiman. Graphic story script and art by P. Craig Russell
Zine: The Journal of Pulse Pounding Narratives

Austin Powers: GoldMember

Metropolis (2002) Restoration
& Metropolis Essay
PowerPuff Girls
Reign of Fire


20020417 NYC cont 001.jpgIf it's Tuesday, this must be TOR
by Ernest Lilley

Until recently, I lived near NYC, and spent quite a bit of time there. Naturally, I never visited editors and publishers...for one thing I'd run into them around town. But now that I'm an out-of-towner myself, stopping in at TOR's offices while I was visiting New York seemed like just the thing to do.  Tor takes up one of the upper floors in the most photographed building in the city, the "Flatiron", where a corner office really means something.

20020416 Tor-NYC 025.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 029.jpg20020417 NYC cont 021.jpg20020417 NYC cont 028.jpg
New York, New York. It's a hectic, exciting, beautiful town, especially in the spring.

20020416 Tor-NYC 075.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 043.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 044.jpg
Beyond these doors the heart of Science Fiction and Fantasy is still beating. Not to mention the Tor PR staff, (L-R: Publicist Heather Drucker, Associate Publicist Jenifer Hunt, Publicity Manager Elena Stokes, Publicist Jodi Rosoff, and Director of Publicity Jennifer Marcus. ) Jenifer "rock star" Hunt, stops for the paparazzi. 

20020416 Tor-NYC 049.jpg20020417 NYC cont 115.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 045.jpg
Teresa Nielsen Hayden, the last word in words, wards off intruders who attempt to gain access to the lair of Patrick Nielsen Hayden. Sr. Editor David Hartwell mugs for us, while Editor Jim Minz could use a mug of something caffeinated, or a more exciting manuscript.

20020416 Tor-NYC 055.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 050.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 059.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 053.jpg

Though it may be spring, Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden wades through some morning slush. Patrcik is aided in the quest for good books by his faithful Editorial Asst., Fred Herman. Tor is one of the few publishers that accepts unsolicited manuscripts, which tend to pile up around the office, despite their best efforts to read them in a timely fashion.

20020417 NYC cont 116.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 056.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 058.jpg
Like a band in a Texas Roadhouse, reference copies of Tor books are kept behind wire mesh in the conference room, lest they be tempted to escape. The inside of Tor is a lot like a starship, crowded and going somewhere at the speed of light. Starscape Editor Jonathan Schmidt barracacides himself behind a wall of books.

20020416 Tor-NYC 068.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 071.jpg20020417 NYC cont 109.jpg
Editorial Coordinator Constance Cochran keeps things on schedule, Moshe Feder, Associate Editor, Patrick and Jim break to listen to Patrick on NPR.

20020416 Tor-NYC 070.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 072.jpg20020416 Tor-NYC 078.jpg
Starscape  Publisher Kathleen Doherty (standing) and Asst. Juliet Leyba. Senior Designer Peter Lutjen and Kathleen Weakland are in the art department by the Macs on their desks.

Tom Doherty, Tor Publisher

Ernest Lilley is Editor and Publisher of SFRevu. He also writes about technology in his publication TechRevu ( as well as being a frequent contributor in online and print publications like, Digital Camera, Pen Computing and others. He likes station wagons with stick shifts, PDA's with keyboards, and SF with ideas.