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Daniel Dern, Iain Emsley, Steve Sawicki, Asta Sinusas, Steve Uribe

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Editorial License: Webspace: The Final Frontier SFRevu has moved to a new webhost and cleaned up its act, or at least its html.
 Columns: US Books - Hard to believe that summer's over, but the parade of great titles is only picking up pace. UK Books - The UK is as hot as last month's weather, and as cool as the coming fall. See what's new in the UK.  Canadian SF: Asta reports on the great SF coming out of Canada. Sawicki didn't go to to SanJose, but he did get to the Outer Limits in the DamnAlien DVDs. Comics - Daniel missed ConJose as well, but to make up for it, he locked himself away with a stack of comics to review.

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SFMedia:  Spy Kids II - "Huge Adventure - Slightly Larger Spies." 
GSM: Counterattack / Wolf Brigade

Events/Cons: ConJose WorldCon and SFRevu Book Giveaway Winners

Feature: Interview:
Robert Charles Wilson
(02 Hugo Nominee)
Review: Chronoliths
(02 Hugo Nominee)

Hidden Place

Feature: Interview: Pauline Alama (New Author!)
Eye of Night
We were pleased to see Pauline go from fan to author with an acclaimed first book: Eye of the Night

Book Reviews: Burning the Ice by Laura J. Mixon / Collected Stories of Greg Bear / Dragon Flight by Anne McCaffrey / Elfsorrow by James Barclay / Path of Glory by Bret M. Funk / Solitaire By Kelly / Eskridge Graphic Novel: Far West

Ansible logoZine: Ansible - Dave Langford talks about his Hugo winning zine.

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