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September 2002
2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu

0830CJ0233EL.JPGWorldCon 2002:ConJose - Parties

What would a WorldCon be without Parties? Less fun, that's for sure.

(Left: "Filthy Pierre" performs a public service by handing out the time critical party lists) 

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Ballantine / Dell Rey hosted a reception at a swank nearby pool hall
0830CJ0082BW.JPG  0830CJ0086BW.JPG  0830CJ0128BW.JPG


...and some folks actually
played pool.

While a few blocks away, The Fabulous Jack Womack was hosting Avon/Eos's
reception at the Tech Museum.
0830CJ0213EL.JPG 0830CJ0209EL.JPG 0830CJ0188EL.JPG
 0830CJ0197EL.JPG 0830CJ0191EL.JPG 0830CJ0195EL.JPG
0830CJ0198EL.JPG 0830CJ0186EL.JPG 0830CJ0222EL.JPG
0830CJ0202EL.JPG 0830CJ0204EL.JPG 0830CJ0205EL.JPG
0830CJ0207EL.JPG 0830CJ0201EL.JPG 0830CJ0200EL.JPG
0830CJ0215EL.JPG 0830CJ0217EL.JPG 0830CJ0187EL.JPG
0830CJ0230EL.JPG 0830CJ0223EL.JPG 0830CJ0229EL.JPG
DAW threw a 30th Anniversary Bash
0830CJ0252EL.JPG  0830CJ0253EL.JPG
And, as always, Tor, with host Tom Doherty, threw the Party of Parties.
 0831CJ0395EL.JPG 0831CJ0391EL.JPG 0831CJ0398EL.JPG
 0831CJ0403EL.JPG 0831CJ0400EL.JPG 0831CJ0401EL.JPG

0831CJ0404EL.JPG 0831CJ0405EL.JPG 0831CJ0408EL.JPG

0831CJ0406EL.JPG 0831CJ0407EL.JPG 0831CJ0412EL.JPG
Which is not to say that we didn't have fun wandering the halls...
0831CJ0387EL.JPG 0831CJ0413EL.JPG 0901CJ0531EL.JPG
0901CJ0525EL.JPG 0901CJ0527EL.JPG 0901CJ0529EL.JPG
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