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October 2002
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September 20-22, 2002 Rosemont, IL
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Con Report
by  Bobbie DuFault

L-R 1- Friday Night Icebreaker 2- Margene Bahm James Murray Elaine Brennan
3 - Helen Montgomery, Alex Von Thorn 4 - Flyer Panel Speaker Sharon Sbarsky

L-R 1 - Midfan Group Tammy Coxen Joseph Stockman Jim Mann Erik Olson Steven Silver, 2 - Midwest Construction 1Steven Silver 3 - Midwest Construction 1 Tammy Coxen Midfen Chair 4 - Midfen Again.

Midwest Fannish Conventions, Inc. also known as Midfan, sponsored this informative first year convention runner’s convention.  Midfan is an organization that will sponsor future Midwest Constructions, and has hopes of hosting a future SMOFcon as well as starting a new traveling Midwest regional convention.  The zealous group of fen promotes fannish community ties throughout the Midwest and has begun production on their new con runners zine, Midfanzine, with an anticipated first issue to be published in mid-November.  You may wonder what states are actually included in the Midwest, this group has defined them as Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and any state, which touches them. Furthermore, they say they are not strict about it and if bordering areas consider themselves Midwest, then they are willing to go along with it.

The convention, chaired by Steven Silver, was a smashing success with over 60 attendees and a host of local con running panelists from throughout the Midwest and Canada. There was information on many topics especially geared for the Science Fiction convention runner.  Panels on topics such as; keeping the lines short at registration, honoring our guests and a look at getting and keep new volunteers and con staff were of interest to many.  I attended from the Pacific Northwest where we have our own version of the Con-runners convention (C-Cubed) in its 10th year.  In comparing the two, I would say that Midfan and Steven did a fabulous job of bypassing all the hurdles of getting a con like this off the ground and they are well on their way of uniting the con-runners of the Middle United States into a force powerful enough to accomplish their wildest dreams!  It will be exciting to see what the future of these con runners, Midfan and Midwest Construction have in store for the rest of fandom.

Bobbie DuFault
Tua’r Goleuni (Towards the Light)

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