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November 2002
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Editor:  Ernest Lilley
Associate Editor: Sharon Archer

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John Berlyne

Daniel Dern, Iain Emsley, Steve Sawicki,
Asta Sinusas, Steve Uribe

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Editorial License: The Future is still up ahead - Someone once said that Science Fiction was just Fantasy with nuts and bolts painted on...but if you look at from the right point of view it's all alternate history, even fantasy.  Columns: US Books - UK Books: John Berlyne's back on the job after gadding about acting in Europe. Canadian SF: With two Canadian features this month, shouldn't you be paying more attention to what goes on up north? DamnAlien DVD: Sawicki entertains us with tales of good, bad and downright ugly DVDs. Comics: - Daniel Dern concedes that Science Fiction and comics can go hand in hand. SFTV: We're working on an improved guide to SFTV.

photoMedia: Die Another Day - Brosnan's back in his fourth and Bond's 20th film, and for once they've done something really right.

coverHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Potter's back again, and I think I'm actually starting to like the lad. Sharon Archer wonders what took me so long in her review.

Firefly - Firefly may be growing on me. Despite the catty interchanges between the ship's Hooker with a heart of gold pressed latinum and the issue laden captain, and the heavy-handed borrowing from post civil war frontier America, it's starting to get interesting.

Not Exactly Fiction: The Magical Worlds of The Lord of the Rings by David Colbert / Star Wars Party Book by Mikyla Bruder with photography by Frankie Frankeny / The Action Hero's Handbook by David Borgenicht and Joe Borgenicht

Feature: Interview: Jim Munroe
Review:  Everyone in Silico
Review: Angry Young Spaceman - If you haven't read Jim Munroe, then you're missing one of Canada's most interesting authors.

Feature: Interview: Karl Schroeder - Ern caught up with the talented Canadian author of Ventus and Permanence at Readercon and they both had a lot to say.

Feature: Charles Sheffield Tribute - Sadly, Charles Sheffield died early this month. A highly talented writer, a gracious gentleman, and above all a witty raconteur, he will be missed by friends and fans alike.

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