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December 2002
2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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ConJose (2002) Hugo, poised for blastoff into SF history.

Editorial License: Hugo Hopes  - by Ernest Lilley - Editor/SFRevu

For SFRevu this has been our best year yet, with 12 issues full of features, interviews and reviews. It's been a great year for Science Fiction too, with no shortage of books, short stories and other publications and people we're happy to recommend for a Hugo.

Hugo Voting Registration Deadline: Jan 30th, 2003
Online Registration:
Hugo Nomination Deadline: March 31, 2003
Attendees of ConJose, Supporting Members and Attending Members of Torcon are allowed to nominate candidates for the Hugo.
Voting Ballots Mailed:
late April or early May. Online versions as soon as they are ready.
Voting Deadline:
 July 31, 2003
Only supporting or attending members of Torcon 3 will be eligible to vote.

Science Fiction Fans have been voting on the best work done in their field every year since 1953, when the Hugo, named for Hugo Gernsback, "The Father of Magazine Science Fiction, was awarded at the World SF Convention.

We'd like to get your ideas on who should take a Hugo home this year too, and after we do we'll add them to our Hugo page for reference. Last year we surveyed attendees at Worldcon for their Hugo preferences, and too many didn't have any, especially for categories like Fanzine, which we think SFRevu qualifies as.

Please send your Hugo Suggestions to

Fanzines are publications by SF fans and have a long tradition. Some fanzines have started out as mimeographed newsletters and wound up as professional fact the Hugo Category Semi-Prozine was created specifically to keep these grown up fanzines from taking the awards from fan publications.

SFRevu ( qualifies as a fanzine, and we want a Hugo.

The other thing we find disturbing about the Hugo is that several categories have gotten into a rut, going to the same person year after year. Yes, we're talking about the Best Editor, Fan Writer and Fanzine categories. While I'm sure that receiving one's first Hugo is a terrific experience, receiving one's fifth or sixth doesn't seem to hold the same thrill. So, I've got a suggestion...let's not nominate anyone who's won five or more awards. Seriously.

To be eligible to vote for the award costs money...$40. I know that's not peanuts, but this is really important to us and I promise not to ask again if we win.

Let's shake things up. Send us your nominations, and let's keep to authors, editors, and others who haven't won a Hugo yet. We'll keep updating our Hugo page as suggestions come in.


Ernest Lilley

Editor, SFRevu

sfr3d.gif (19860 bytes) 2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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2002 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu