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Blind Justice come to the screen in February.

DareDevil (Fox)
Premier: February, 14, 2003
Preview by Ernest Lilley

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Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson Writing credits: Bill Everett (II) (characters) Mark Steven Johnson (screenplay)
Cast: Ben Affleck .... Matt Murdock/Daredevil / Jennifer Garner .... Elektra Natchios / Michael Clarke Duncan .... Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin / Colin Farrell (I) .... Bullseye / Jon Favreau .... Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson / Joe Pantoliano .... Ben Urich / David Keith .... Jack Murdock / Scott Terra .... Young Matt Murdock / Erick Avari .... Ambassador Nikolaos Natchios / Coolio .... Daunte Jackson / Ellen Pompeo .... Karen Page / Kevin Smith .... Jack Kirby (Lab Assistant) / Frankie J. Allison .... Abusive Father

Can Daredevil succeed where few have triumphed? Can he follow Spidey's act and be a NYC comic book superhero? I've always liked the guy, even if he is a lawyer by day, but I don't think he's going to have Peter Parker's appeal. He gets his day in court on Valentines day, so lets hope red leather is your thing too.

From the Fox Website: Young Matt Murdock loses his sight in a freak accident when a truck, swerving to avoid hitting Matt, spills bio-medical waste into his eyes. Matt, now blinded, discovers his other senses are heightened to superhuman levels, and he commits himself to honing his new abilities. When his father - boxer Jack Murdock - is murdered for refusing to throw a fight, Matt seeks vengeance, and takes on a secret identity as Daredevil, the Man Without Fear. Together with his friend, Foggy Nelson, Matt opened up a law office in New York City's Hell's Kitchen, where he defends the innocent by day, and battles crime by night as Daredevil.

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