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Some secrets we keep.
Some are kept from us.

SFTV: Taken (Sci-Fi)
Review by Sharon Archer

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Cast: Dakota Fanning .... Allie Keys / Alonso Oyarzun .... Keel / Julie Benz .... Kate Keys/Walker / Steve Burton (I) .... Russell Keys / Sarah Hattingh .... Younge Woman / Julie Ann Emery .... Amelia Keyes / James N. Kirk .... Jesse Keys / Desmond Harrington .... Jesse Keys (adult) / Eric Close .... Alien Visitor John / Anton Yelchin .... Jacob Clarke / Catherine Dent .... Sally Clarke / Chad Donella .... Jacob Clarke (adult) / Ryan Hurst .... Tom Clarke (age 23) / Chad Morgan (I) .... Becky Clarke (age 21) / Matthew Currie Holmes .... Daryl

Roswell more time!

It really was a Secret Spy Balloon that crashed in Roswell, according Steven Spielberg Presents not so mini-series. It's just that the cause of the crash was a flying saucer, which went on to crash nearby. See, everybody's right!

In short, for Aliens that can cross light years in the blink of an eye, they're awfully slow when it comes to moving plot along. All in all I found this an excruciating exercise in conspiracy crafting, made watchable only by the use of Matt Frewer as the head MIB type. This particular brand of alt history leaves me cold because it's not about the truth in any way. Scully and Mudler's pretense of a search for the truth that's out there, is actually just the opposite, an attempt to convince the viewer that delusions are real...and moving the cause of rational investigation of reality back like a self serving religion. Nobody win's but the priests, or in this case the producers.

Maybe there was an Alien saucer crash in Roswell, though the folks I know who are in a position to know are pretty comfortable with the spy balloon theory. I'd say that the odds favor the mundane, and while I'm happy to keep an open mind...the only thing that Taken proved to me was that missing time is a very real phenomenon, and I'd like the time I spent watching it back please.

All that's just my opinion, and we may be back with more as it becomes available on DVD, but for now, go outside and watch the skies, it's bound to be a better show than you'll find on TV.

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