January 2003
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Damnaliens DVD Review by Steve Sawicki
Note: order the films from Amazon by following the hyperlinks to buy  junk food for the aliens and keep them away from the dog.) Want a second opinion? We suggest www.imdb.com - Ernest

After much thought and a great deal of thinking, I have concluded that Hollywood indeed has the right idea when it comes to resolutions.  They ignore them.  I believe we should embrace this attitude and emulate the obvious benefits such a philosophy garners.  First, we shall be able to forever eschew the new, avoiding all that trying to be trendy and up to date.  Second we shall be able to forever rejoice in the old, regardless of how embarrassing or dated it might be.  Third, we shall never need to have an original thought again, relying instead on what others have thought before us.  Finally we need never take responsibility since there are always so many different ways to spread the blame for things.  Let me give you some examples.

Recent Releases / Classics / SFTV / Anime

Recent Releases  - What do you get when you cross a science fiction idea with a horror director?  Signs, of course.  Mel Gibson shows us the full range of facial expressions in this film, easily moving from confusion to uncertainty to bewilderment and back again.  This flick crosses  War of the Worlds overtones with some very spooky effects.  But itís all for naught as nothing is ever explained.  Itís evident that Shyamalan hired the Star Trek logic idiot to make sure everything made sense.  Itís pretty to look at and itís well done enough so that you think itís actually better than it is.  Once you start thinking about it though you realize itís nothing more than leftovers, and not very well done ones at that.

Are there aliens among us or is it all just a delusional fantasy.  K-PAX, grabs this dilemma by the throat and makes it a theme.  Kevin Spacey is a man who is either a delusional nut or a real alien from space.  The question is, which is he?  An excellent question which the excellent acting almost pulls off until the idiot director decides he wants to finish it all with an ambiguous ending.

Classics - The landscape is covered with snow, the air has a decided chill to it, unless youíre in Chicago where itís barely above freezing, and your thoughts constantly turn to zombies.  Blood of the Zombie, will satisfy all your zombie needs.  Got a craving to see the undead walk again?  Want to see them make some flesh sandwiches?  Want yet one more reason to stay inside?

coverBefore liberation there were women who were forced to bend their will to that of their mate.  Prehistoric Women, details just such events.  Journey back to the good/bad old days when men were men, women were women and both were eaten by large mammals.  Itís a sure bet these arenít the days most people want to return to when they talk about how things used to be better.

SFTV - Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Complete Third Season.  You would think, even with Sunnydale being a Hellmouth, that the demons and their ilk would figure out that itís just not a great place to manifest.  Never mind since if they stopped coming weíd have to stop watching.  This is perhaps the best complete season of any television show.  The plot lines that run through the year are exceptional and the characters, both new and old, are worth watching.

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the cosmos, out comes Andromeda, Season I, Volume 4.  Kevin Sorbo swaggers his way through the universe in this Gene Roddenberry vehicle which pits a starship crew boldly going where no one has gone before in order to make the federation a better place.  The Captainís a hands on kind of guy, the first office kind of cool and aloof, the ships computer a woman and the rest of the cast ethnically varied.  Why didnít anyone think of this before?

coverBefore there was Star Trek there was Flash Gordon, Classic TV Series.   Return with us to yesteryear when things were very different.  Spaceships actually made noise in space!  Ships acted as if there were in 2 dimensions instead of 3!  The captain of the ship actually did most of the dirty work!  Logic was bent to apply to the script instead of the laws of science!  Thank goodness weíre parsecs away from that kind of thing now!

Anime - My life is finally complete, now that Robotech, New Generation, Complete Collection,  has arrived.  Plenty of giant robots rumbling about the countryside, kicking the butts of other giant robots and mumbling their way through the minimally animated scenery.  A must have for completists.

As if the big lugs werenít enough, this month also brings out Banner of Stars, No Turning Back, Volume 1.  This 13-part series (also known as Celestial Banner) is the sequel to Crest of the Stars which came out in 1999.  Three years have passed since the conclusion of the first series and yet not much has changed.  Jinto Lin continues to stick by the side of Lafial, the Abh alien princess although she treats him like Earth trailer trash.  An odd series with some odd characters exhibiting some odd behaviors.  Nothing we havenít seen before however.


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